I am very interested in hearing from anybody who has any comments, whatsoever, on the information contained in this site or the state of the site in general.  I’d love to set up a dialogue with anyone who has even the slightest possible relationship to any of the individuals buried in here. 


Firstly, I am looking for information to unanswered questions (see lingering questions) and to correct the innumerable mistakes I most certainly made in my research. 


Secondly, I’m looking for help.  The state of this cemetery is an absolute disgrace, not only to the people buried here but to any relatives or friends who may be interested in visiting their loved ones and paying their respects (there were signs on a few graves of just that on my visit).  As I stated in the Introduction, I spoke with the son-in-law of the land owner and he is interested in doing right by this cemetery.  We discussed several possibilities for future efforts toward improving the state of the cemetery. 


In the short term, we discussed getting together in late Winter or very early Spring of 2008 with as many of my relatives and other individuals related to the Alexander Cemetery and doing a “simple” clean-up.  Nothing fancy, just cutting and burning trees and brush.  This time frame is essential not only as the plants will be dormant but even more so, the insects.


More in the long term, we discussed the possibly of making a small parking area to the south of the cemetery between any graves and the gravel road.  The two ways people are entering the cemetery now are both less than ideal (I took a third by going through the barbed wire).  They are either cutting through his back yard (sometime driving cars) to the old entrance, near James Osborn’s Family Plot or they are driving to the east of the cemetery through another persons property and entering there.  The problem I saw with the East entrance is that William E. Miller’s grave is right in the middle of the path and it is only a matter of time until someone drives over his gravestone and breaks it.


At some point I will probably try to raise money to offset as much of any costs that will most certainly will be necessary to set this place completely right.  At this time, I have no idea how to do this so any advice anyone might have in that area or info as to any “public” moneys that might be available would be much appreciated.