Although some of the people associated with the Alexander Cemetery moved to Jasper County before he did, the history of the cemetery could be said to have begun when Thomas Alexander bought two 40 acre plots of land in Jasper county on March 10, 1856.  The Land Patent Map shows the location of both plots.  The first or northern section was the Southwest 40 Acre Plot of the Northeast Quarter Section of Section 14 in Township 28-N, Range 32-W.  The second or southern section was the Northeast 40 Acre Plot of the Northeast Quarter Section of Section 23 in Township 28-N, Range32-W.  The JC History Map (Jasper County) shows a residence in the southern section indicating that it is here that Thomas choose to build his family home.  The Satellite picture of the site today shows that the new house adjacent to the cemetery was built, close to if not at, the original Thomas Family home site.  The orange box indicates the approximate location of the cemetery with particular detail on the Satellite Close-Up map.


The Land Patents prove when he bought the land but there is nothing concrete to indicate exactly when the family arrived in Missouri.  Census data indicates that Thomas was born in South Carolina and married Mary T. Cauby (last name, uncertain) with their first five children being born in Illinois.  He moved his family to Iowa between the years 1838 and 1840 where his last four children were born.  There is nothing to indicate when they came to Missouri until the Missouri birth of his son Williamís first child Alice S., bc.1867.  The first definitive evidence was the birth of his son Benjaminís first child William T. (possibly Thomas) on July 17, 1869.


Sadly, William T. Alexander would become the first person buried in Alexander Cemetery when he died on April 5, 1870 some three months before his first birthday.  His interment date marks the literal beginning of the Cemetery.  A little over a year later, on July 15, 1871 his cousin Thomas Wiley Osborn (named for both of his grandfathers; Thomas Alexander & William Wiley Osborn) died after only three days of life and became the second burial.  With baby Thomasí interment, two trends were set. 


First, and not surprisingly for a family cemetery, 14 Alexanders and 13 Osborns along with 2 married Alexanders were finally interred, for around 33% of the total.  Every Alexander and every Osborn along with Jenettie (Alexander) Arnold, Samantha (Alexander) Peak and Samanthaís infant child (sadly listed only as Son Peak) are directly descended from Thomas Alexander.  These individuals are indicated on the Full Tree by Orange rather that Black connecting lines.


Second, 3 of the first 5 and 7 of the first 10 burials were of infants under the age of 1 year with over 25% (23 total) of all those interned being children less than 10 years old.