Here are some of the pictures that I have come across on the Internet of the Alexander Cemetery and some I have taken myself.  External links are presented in reverse video while PhotoBucket links are my pictures.  Most of the sites that I have “borrowed” pictures from are listed on the “Links” page.  All of these are external links to pictures on other web sites and you will have to use your browser’s “<Back” button to return to this page. 


Alexander Cemetery


James C. Osborn Family Plot


Plot before cleanup on my Spring 2007 Trip #1#2

 Plot after cleanup on my Spring 2007 Trip #1#2


                                         J. W. Osborn - #1 #2


Infant Osborn  Infant Osborn  Cora Bell Osborn  Pearl Ruth Osborn  Raymond L. Osborn 


                                          James Corby & Emma May Osborn



Joseph P. Alexander Family Plot


Carl Alexander     Vida E. Alexander     Jesse L. Alexander


Blanche Irene Alexander     Joseph & Nellie Alexander


North Side Random Graves


Arthur & Willie Yates                                 .Pierce Towns    .


Unknown W #1 #2


Unknown north of Alexander & Yates plots #1 #2


Jones Family Plot


Maude S. & Albert A. Jones                                 .


Albert A. Jones #2


                                        Freda Osborn


Bottom Family Plots


William Thomas Bottom Family Plot

Jaunita Bottom   Dora Golden Bottom   Mary A. Bottom   Thomas W. Bottom


William Alfred Bottom Family Plot

Ray Vernon Bottom   Glen Dale Bottom   William Alfred Bottom   Ruth M. Bottom


Sutton Family Plot


Sutton Family Marker


E. W. Sutton   William F. Sutton   John A. Sutton   John W. Sutton   Rebecca B. Estelle


Thomas Alexander Family Plot


Plot looking south after cleanup of Spring 2008

 Plot looking north after cleanup of Spring 2008


Daughter Osborn #1 #2     T. W. Osborn #1 #2     Mary Alexander     Thomas Alexander     Martha Alexander


Samantha Alexander     John Alexander     William Alexander     Minnie Alexander     Jannettie Arnold     B. C. Alexander


Yates Family Plot


Mary Linhart   O.P. Woodward   Dicie Pattison   Mary Rebecca Pattison   Annie Yates   Liddia McGinnis


Bennett Woodward   Juanita Woodward   Infant Yates   William H. Yates   William Rice



Waggoner Family Plot


Laura B. Morgan & Mary R. Denning   Chloe Thompson   Lara C. Thomson   Daughter Morgan


Miller Family Plot


Nathan E. & Fannie E. Miller   William E. Miller


Hale Family Plot


George E. & Pearl A. Hale   William E. Hale   Blank Headstone   Thomas L. Hale


Williams Family Plot


Sherlottie Reed   Jane & William Williams   F. Brown


Harmon Family Plot


Plot looking south, Spring 2008


Unknown Headstone   Unknown Headstone   Luther Harmon   William Harmon  


                                                                   Charles & Adeline Harmon


Vintage Pictures – from the 60’s


James Osborn Plot, #1 #2 #3


William Thomas Bottom Plot, #1 #2