As I stated in the Introduction, as of December 2007, I have established connections between 18 Surnames and the 67 people they name, leaving the following unresolved Surnames listed with the number of individuals of that name (See Alphabetized List):


Brown (1 name)

Estelle (Estill) (4)

Harmon (4)

Hummel (2)

McGinnis (1)

Purcell (1)

Rice (1)

Sutton (4)

Towns (1)


The Surname Rice shows up on the JC History map and in census data as a neighbor of the Alexanders but with a different first initial.  Census data also show that Charles Harmon, who is buried here, lived in the vicinity of the cemetery and was a neighbor to a J. L. Jones, but I canít seem to fine any connect to our Jones.  The parents of the two Hummels reported to be buried here by funeral home records also lived in the vicinity and were neighbors to William Williams.


Perhaps the only connection for these last names is simply that they lived in the vicinity and knew the Alexanders and of their cemetery so that when the time came, they ask for and received a place to lay there loved ones to rest.



Using Certificates of Death (COD) I have established two fairly good groupings of Purcells in Jasper CO., particularly in a town called Purcell (this Family/Town name duality is probably not a coincidence) however, I canít find any connection with our Thomas Purcell, 1874-1902.  I havenít located Thomas on any census but perhaps he also just lived in the area.