RGA Rules - 2019


 1. The Retired Golfers Association will be comprised of eight golfers organized  into one division based on last years averages.


 2. Matches are scheduled for each Thursday beginning in May and ending in the first week of October.


 3. Each week every golfer is competing against every other golfer with a handicap based on the low average golfer in the league

      and 100% difference in averages.

 4. Players will use last years averages until three scores are posted.


 5. After each outing the scores are adjusted for handicaps and ranked with the lowest score receiving 8 individual points and so

      on down the ranking.

 6. These individual points are accumulated throughout the league season and will determine final distribution of money and awards.


 7. All golfers may play the ball as it lies or you may improve the lie, but not if the ball is behind an obstruction.


 8. Sand trap exception: if your ball lies in the sand that was not properly raked, you may pick up, rake, and place ball with no penalty.


 9.  At the last scheduled match of the season, the top three golfers will receive prizes. Everyone will participate in the league most

       under average tournament.


 10 . Postponement of any league match because of rain will be determined by Dave Newcomer (the weatherman.)


 11. An absent golfer with no sub will automatically be last in the weekly rankings.


 12. Subs receive same handicap as regular members.


 13. Unless otherwise specified, all rules of play will be according to the U.S. Golf Association.


 14. Each match will have a $ 5 closest to the pin award on the two shortest par threes and a $ 5 most under average award. Only

        league members may win the most under average award.


 15. Usually, the league will not play in a steady rain. In order for the round to count, at least nine holes must be played by everyone.

        If it rains after nine holes have been played and play is halted, the scores will be adjusted for 18 holes. In case of lightning,

        everyone must leave the course immediately. Rain-out matches will not be rescheduled.


 16. This season RGA members will play from the white tees. Golfers over 80 years old or have an average of over 100 strokes per round may play the forward tees.


 17. The purpose of the Retired Golfers Association is to have fun playing golf as our skills and talents are developed.


  18  Dues of $ 30 per golfer will be collected by Bill Loercher.


  19.  No golfer may score higher than a triple bogie on any one hole.


Rules Committee: Tom Snyder, Steve Brubaker, and Bill Loercher