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All of the families listed on this site had their origins in Ireland prior to and during the Irish Potato Famine  in the 1840's.  Most eventually settled on or near Sorrel Street that originally was part of Franklin Falls; the mailing address was changed to Bloomingdale in 1917 with the closure of the Franklin Falls Post Office.  Sorrel Street also had a name change to Cold Spring Road.  Cold Spring Road is located in Franklin County in northern New York State; Bloomingdale is in Essex County.   Some of the others on this site settled in Alder Brook just north of Sorrel Street in what was referred to as Catholic Corners.

                               Their Origins

The McKILLIPs came from Armoy, Co. Antrim in northern Ireland,  and WALLACEs were from Co. Limerick,  the remaining families were all from Co. Tipperary.  The RYANs, O'NEILs and TRACYs all came from Cappawhite, Co. Tipperary, Ireland and it's a good possibility that the FINNEGANs were from there also.  The RYANs came from the Ballykiveen district and the O'NEILs were originally in the Ayle district. 

Many of the Irish disembarked in Canada and then made their way across the Canada-US border to their final homes.  Many communities left Ireland and moved together as a unit to resettle in the US near one another.  Coming to America where they did not speak the native tongue, they sought their own to feel at home. 

Ellen TRACY O'NEIL in front of the Franklin Falls Hotel which she managed around 1906 with her  children, left, Bridget O'NEIL DEWEY, right, Hanorah (Nora) O'NEIL HOUGH, left, William Patrick O'NEIL and right, Andrew James O'NEIL. 

Ellen was postmistress for Franklin Falls  in 1898 located in the hotel, followed by Bridget's husband, Edward in 1906, then Andrew in 1910.  The post office closed in 1917*.


* - Information from "They told me, so " booklets published for Town of Franklin and the kind permission of Teresa Eshelman, Town Historian.



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   Families of Franklin Co., NY       

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