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The Sacred Cow of Galapagos
In Biology today, we're free to consider any theory at all — as long as it's evolution! It seems that nearly everyone, including even the Pope, accepts evolution as a proven scientific fact. But things are not quite that cut and dried. Evolution has many very serious flaws which are rarely acknowledged. And creationism (or intelligent design) turns out to be, surprisingly, both scientific and defensible. This article is a summary of several years of personal reading and pondering on the topics.
The Greatest Work
Being a good parent is the greatest work that anyone can accomplish in this life. This article is some suggestions on how to do it.
Do You Feel Lucky?
Is gambling addictive? A medical study offered to pay volunteers five dollars and got almost no takers. When they switched to giving out five lottery tickets, they had to turn people away. This article is a commentary on why using public money to entice people to play the lottery is wrong.
Casting Your Perls Before Programmers
A quick reference on the Perl programming language. Perl is marvelous scripting language which excels at text matching and manipulation. And best of all, it's free! Get a quality Perl interpreter free at ActiveState.
Family photos
These are scans of our family photo albums as ZIP files.

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