Creating Spiritual Connections

for Young People

       & the young at heart


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A mandala is a sacred circle.  This is the definition I use with young people in Vacation Bible School, Sunday school or Youth Worship.  The youth are familiar with the Chrismon circle which represents God, eternity, no beginning-no ending, or all encompassing.  For our use a mandala is a sacred circle.  Listed below are resources for learning more about the mandala .*

From the beginning of time young people have sought to know who they are and their growth through their drawings. 
For drawings by very young people click here.
Notice the heads – their first mandalas.  They are becoming aware of who they are.

Mandalas may bring the messages of our soul, of God, of the Spirit, and speak through our drawings, our art.  Making space for allowing God to speak to young people through their mandalas is my intention.

For youth, setting the stage for mandala making is most important.   A space, whether it be a physical space or an intentional space in a worship order, is the important consideration.  In a Vacation Bible School setting a special area with art materials, paper, a CD player and CD is prepared.  In Youth Worship the stage is set with following the order of worship: lighting the candle, offering, the scripture lesson, singing and story.  Knowing the story and scripture lesson brings out the theme.  Such themes as baptism, salt and light, and forgiveness are examples of themes used. 

Our sermon time is not a conventional sermon in which the pastor interprets the scriptures and shares with the people.  In our sermon time entitled “Spirituality in Art” God speaks to the young people through their drawings.  The rule for this time is:

“Art time is a silent meditating time.  It is our time to be with God, be with  Jesus.  Please don’t talk to others.  As you are working let God speak to you.  Share with God.”

The young people are given paper with a circle drawn and the media for the day to be used.  I provide different media at different times.    i.e.  tissue paper, painting, water colors with water color paper, craypas, markers, crayons.

When finished a time of sharing is enjoyed.  Further enjoyment of their work happens when the mandalas are put on the bulletin board. 
                       For bulletin boards with mandalas click here.
                          For young students creations click here.

 *Other resources on creating mandalas:

      Fincher, S.F. (1991, 2010).  Creating Mandalas:  For Insight, Healing and
      Self-Expression.  Boston:  Sambhala Publications.

                Fincher, S.F. (2009).  The Mandala Workbook.  Boston: Shambhala Publications.

        This is the web site of Susanne Fincher

                 There are many other resources on the internet.

Susanne Fincher has guided my mandala education.  There are three levels of learning for completing the Mandala Certificate Program.

            Entering the Circle
            Engaging the Circle
            Integrating the Circle

I began my certification program in June of 2008 and completed it in March of 2011. 
                         To see some of my fiber arts mandalas
                 completed for the Mandala Certificate Program. Click Here