Creating Spiritual Connections

for Young People

& the young at heart













Watching young people at the easel, engrossed in what they are showing on the paper, no attention to what’s going on around them, is watching a young person in touch with their creativity, in touch with their creator.

Creativity is a gift from God.  When young people are given the time to create they are given the time to open themselves to God.  God has given us a need to create, to share our thoughts, ideas, cares, prayers through other ways than language.

Creativity is spiritual.  Creation is part of the transcendence of the soul;  is the grace of God; is a worship form.

Sonia Choquette says, “The highest, most joyful expression of the Divine Spirit within all of us is through the expression of our creativity.  Nothing is more powerful.  Nothing is more self loving.  And nothing is more rewarding than spending your time in a creative and artful endeavor.  It doesn’t matter what you create, as long as it makes your life more beautiful and satisfying than before.  This is because all creativity is the Holy Spirit in action".                                                                               Living Crafts, Summer 2009,  p. 18

A child is completely focused on what they are doing.  The Divine is within them. This by Julie Elliot explains.

I often work with young children and am constantly reminded how they respond to the simplest art experiences – a paintbrush and paint is awe inspiring for a two-year old. They’re completely focused on what’s before them. They love what they’re doing. They’re present and living fully in the moment and they don’t have a thought about whether it’s good or bad or whether they are artists or not
~ by Julie Elliot, from
Creative Aging, Karen Close & Carolyn Cowan, eds.

Setting the scene for painting is important.  When it is in a small group setting of older students, the rule is,

            “Art is a silent meditating time.  It is our time to be with God,

             be with Jesus.  Please don’t talk to others.  As you are working

             let God speak to you.  Share with God. “

Individual areas for each with brushes, paper and paints, water and paint shirts is provided.  Suggested ideas from the story/theme of the day might be given.  Suggestions will also come from the Divine.

When painting is part of a group activity such as Vacation Bible School and begins with the youngest children, the use of easels is suggested.  Shower liners or other plastic material on the floor help catch splatters and accidents.  An easel contains space for five or six cups of paint and keeps the containers from tipping or spilling.  A brush in each cup helps keep the paint clean.   Name on the paper first helps the art work get to the correct owner.  The students are encouraged to remember the part of the story for the day; however, the painting that comes from within may be more important at the moment.  Accept the masterpiece. 

Don’t forget the PAINT SHIRTS!