Creating Spiritual Connections

for Young People

& the young at heart

church school and
youth worship




bulletin boards

wonders of God

pretzel sunday





Church School is an important period in the child’s or youth’s life. This is the time when the Biblical stories are learned, not a complete learning, but learning upon which more will be layered in the years to come. It is a time when they learn how to apply the Biblical stories to their lives.


I believe in using the lectionary, the system of scripture readings over a three year period to help with this layering. At Trinity we use “The Seasons of the Spirit” curriculum. It is a lectionary based curriculum. All classes use the same scriptures with study, work and understanding geared to their age. For Youth Worship I peruse the work of the multiage class and the Junior Hi Class and prepare an art* or computer lesson to enhance what they learned in Church School. In this way I reinforce what they have learned and/or encourage participation in the spirituality of the passage.


    *An art project calls for a silent room.

     As we work we talk to God, pray with God,

     no talking among ourselves.


I enjoy going deeper into the scriptures and helping the youth do the same.


The topics under Church School and Youth Worship, bulletin boards, music, lectionary projects, Pretzel Sunday and Wonders of God, evolve from the Church School or Youth Worship lessons with the exception of the bulletin boards. They are inclusive of the entire church.


The material in the empty topics will be filled in as soon as possible. If you have any questions about these activities please contact me.