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Welcome to my web site.   Please visit often as it continually grows.


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Dear Friends;


The path of life is a path of spirituality. When we choose or are led to those ways that lead us to the still quiet place within our self we are blessed.


I welcome you to my web site which is designed to be a resource to inspire and inform those interested in deepening Spiritual Connections for young people or the young at heart.


As I share my spiritual path as well as curricula, writings, music and art that I have used with young people to encourage their interest in different paths of spirituality, I hope you will be enticed to do the same.  


My prayer is that the time you spend here will be a blessing.


To become more acquainted with me please visit my bio-page.


Leading youth in developing their spirituality has led me to the various spiritual activities listed.  Please click on the labyrinth, mandala, weaving, painting , or Chrismon link if you are interested in using these with young people.


Many years I have spent in teaching and leading church schools. Besides using the above ways to spirituality, I have developed various activities which also help the child/children feel the spirit of God in the church school as well as learn the various stories of the Bible.   Please click on any link which peeks your interest.


I have written various Vacation Bible School curricula which include the many facets of spirituality mentioned above as well as the use of multiple intelligences and right brain, left brain activities.  Please check these out if you are interested.


Blessings on your path.

Reverend  Marion L. Rhyne


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