Tony's Profile

Tony has been fishing' all his life, and has been a successful guide for the past 20 years on lakes Hartwell and Russell in Northeast Georgia.  Guiding mainly for Largemouth bass, Hybrid & Stripped Bass & Catfish..  Tony is an avid Largemouth Bass Tournament Angler that fishes many Local and Pro Tournaments.  He fishes 3 to 5 days a week and has 40 years experience.  He has fished all over the East Coast and Mid West

Tony has caught numerous Largemouth Bass out of Lakes Hartwell & Russell over 9 lbs. and lots in the 5-8 lb range, Hybrid Bass in the 8-10 lb range, and Stripped Bass in the 30-40 lb range.  He holds a Virginia State Citation for a 9 lb Largemouth Bass, caught in 1981.  He won the 1st Big Money Tournament he ever participated in on Lake Russell in 1987.  (72 Marine Tournament, $1850.00 purse.)  He has won numerous Local Tournaments here in Northeast Georgia.  He fished as a Pro on the Red Man, Hungry Fisherman, Jerry Ryne, Palmetto State Team, and Wal-Mart Trails.  And now at the age of 50, he has retired from Tournament Fishing (Full-Time).  However, he still competes in Tournaments (Part-Time), but puts his guide service as his number one priority!

He has acquired a lot of good sponsors over years and still has some great sponsors.

In Appreciation to My Sponsors:  Thank You!

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P.S.  Please take a kid fishing today and practice catch and release.  Catch and release is your children's future and a chance for them to catch a wall hanger!