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熊の... ページでし!

This page is an attempt to be an on-line Mamotte Shugogetten! (まもって守護月天!) reference. It's not really what I originally intended, but I like the way it's turned out, so we'll stick with it until something better comes along. :-)

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00/08/19 Another long-overdue page update. :-) I've added some new info on most of these pages, especially for the recent OVA (Original Video Animation) release. While I did update at least SOMETHING on almost every page, in a few places it was just a typo or an HTML change. Several pages were re-organized into a somewhat more logical order.

This page contains information on the following subjects:

00/08/19 What is "Mamotte Shugogetten!"?
00/08/19 Character Guide
00/08/19 Seiyuu (Voice Actors)

00/08/19 OVA (Original Video Animation) Info and Goods

00/08/19 TV Anime Episode List
00/08/19 Song Information and Lyrics
00/08/19 TV Anime Goods (VHS, LD, books, etc)

00/08/19 Manga Information and Chapter Listing
00/08/19 Manga Goods (CD, books, etc)

00/08/19 Other stories by Sakurano Minene-sensei

00/08/19 Goods and Toys
00/08/29 Sound and Video Samples (currently off-line)
00/08/19 Trading Card Library
00/08/26 Links!
00/08/29 News archive and page update information
00/01/23 Message Forum
00/08/19 Japanese text for non-Japanese web browsers

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