Section 1-1: Points and Lines
This section is a basic review of lines and points and their relationship to graphing.  It is your job to know each of these terms, so get to it and memorize them!!

Demo: Points in the xy plane!(Kennesaw State University)
Demo: Distance Formula! (David Wees)
Demo: 2x2 Linear systems! (Ron Blond)

Sketch the graph of 2x + 5y = 10.
Find the y-intercept by letting x = 0
2(0) + 5y = 10
5y = 10
y = 2  Therefore, the y-intercept is (0, 2)
Find the x-intercept by letting y = 0
2x + 5(0) = 10
2x = 10
x = 5 Therefore, the x-intercept is (5, 0)
Here is the graph!!

Remember, there are three types of lines: vertical, horizontal and slanted!  You need to know the equations of the horizontal and vertical.  Study the following graphs:
Note that the equation of a vertical line is x = constant(yellow on graph)
and the equation of a horizontal line is y = constant(purple on graph)

Intersection of lines
There are three ways two lines can intersect in a plane.  They can intersect exactly at one point,  or they can be parallel, or they can have an infinite number of solutions (same line).
To find the intersection, solve the equations simultaneously. (at the same time!)

Example)  Find the distance between (-1, 9) and (4, -3).  Then find the midpoint.

That does it for the first section.  It is basic algebra review.  You should have no problem with it!!  On to the next section