Chapter 11 practice test.


1) Plot each point in polar coordinates. Then name two other points one a positive value for r and one a negative value for r.

2) Change the following rectangular coordinates to polar coordinates where 0 is in degrees. 3) Change the following rectangular point to polar form where 0 is in radians. 4) Change the following polar points to rectangular coordinates. 5) Using your graphing calculator reproduce the following graphs. 6) Express 3 + 2i in polar form.

7) Express 5 cis 320o in rectangular form.

8) If z1 = 3 + 5i and z2 = 5 + 6i find the product:

9) Give the polar form for ( 3 cis 60o)2

10) let z = 1 + i.

11) Find the 3 cubed roots of 1. That's right. One has 3 cubed roots. Amazing.
Answers and how they are worked out will be posted in a couple of days. This test is a little longer than the actual one, but is representative of an actual test. Questions have been changed to protect the innocent. I seem to remember that phrase from some old tv show. Trivia question. Which show?
Hope this test will be helpful in preparing you for your opportunity.  Next postings will be for chapter 13. Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences.

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