Grief Briefs

Following are some articles dealing with various aspects of grief and loss. Included are excerpts from each of our publications. This is our attempt at public service on the net and we hope it will be helpful to you or someone you know. Please check back frequently as new articles will be added periodically. Also, suggestions for Grief Briefs are always welcomed so email us with your ideas.

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Helping a Friend or Neighbor Cope With Loss

She Cries, He Sighs-Gender Differences in Grieving

Three Myths of Children's Grief  Relating With In-Laws After Death - Janet McGinn
Concerning Sibling Loss and Grief Commonly Asked Questions About Support Groups
How To Support The Dying Loss and Aging

Handling Grief Through The Holidays

Do A Loss History
Why The Bereaved Need Outside Help When Words Won't Come - Listening Skills
Beware The 5 Stages of "Grief"  An Old Adage Helpful To Many
Share The Pain  - Bill Chadwick  Helping Others Cope With Loss - Cendra Lynn
 Jonathan's Gift - Marc Klass When Support Isn't There - Kathi Webster
 Pet Loss - Healing The Hurt - Kathie Maffitt Healing The Emotions - Tulku Thondup Rinpoche
If You Can't Find A Support Group... Write a Eulogy - Garry Schaeffer
Princess Di's Last Gift Do Drugs Cure Grief - Alan Taplow
 The Dark Days of Winter - Cendra Lynn  Working With Grief & Trauma - Marie Green
4 Steps To Grief Recovery What To Say/Not To Say