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TlC publishes no-nonsense support publications for healthcare professionals available only through the GriefNet Bookstore . These ``field manuals'' contain facts and intervention techniques in bulleted or enumerated format---no ``stories'' or anecdotal experiences. Join our list of customers like Kaiser Permanente, American Red Cross, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, National Victim's Center, Parents of Murdered Children, Home Maintenance Inc., AARP, as well as hospices, hospitals, AIDS service providers, churches, schools, and many other organizations as well as many individuals.

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What To Do When Someone Dies?   by Joanie and Buz Overbeck

Used as a text in a Death & Dying course at the University of North Texas, this booklet contains detailed and specific facts to help individuals make the best decisions at the time of loss and the months following. If you have ever been called on to help someone whose friend, parent, child, or spouse has died, you will appreciate this publication.

Helping Children Cope With Loss  by Joanie and Buz Overbeck

Used by schools, clinics, hospices and counseling centers, this booklet answers questions on how to lead children toward healthy resolution of the trauma of loss. This booklet gives you the information you need to recognize and respond at a moments notice to the anxiety, confusion and grief brought on when a crisis touches the life of a child.

Starting/Running Support Groups  by Joanie and Buz Overbeck

Our best selling booklet, it describes how to begin, promote, and run groups of various sizes and formats. It also shows how to recognize and handle potential problems, when to refer, and other facts you need to know to establish a successful group. Used as a training manual by a national home health care organization.

The AIDS/HIV Support Handbook  by Christina Polcari, MSW, CSW

This booklet focuses on support issues surrounding HIV/AIDS patients, their family and friends. With a heavy emphasis on the multiple losses experienced by patients and family, this is an important reference for the healthcare professional or anyone concerned with this epidemic.

Helping Older Adults Cope With Loss By Bert Hayslip, Jr., Ph.D.

Very little has been written about older adults---those 60 and older---and the magnitude of losses they must endure. This booklet identifies these losses and shows how to address them. Written by Dr. Bert Hayslip, Jr., professor, researcher and author in the fields of psychology, gerontology and thanatology.

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