Trustee ‘Calls out’ the Dog Warden   10/20/2008

This is the second time I have written a Beacon editorial. At least this time I am not responding to a "phantom writer" but to "Dog Warden Duval". I will overlook the obvious liable remarks of, ‘character assassination’ and Duval diatribe for the time being.

Residents should also know ALL the pertinent facts regarding one topic Duval degrades during his hypocritical politicizing rant. "Why does he abstain from voting on anything? One of the things he has voted on was the five-acre minimum lot size in the AG district--a YES vote." Says Duval. Here are facts people also need to know.

I would like to point out why this issue was ever even being discussed. It was a topic only due to recently enacted Health dept. law changes and thus the prior 1.6 acre minimum ‘status quo’ would no longer apply. They recommended that ALL townships review their zoning regulations & address this issue.

The entire arduous process of a township zoning amendment is outlined as Ohio Revised Code 519.12. I’ll start with our Township Zoning Commission because they had numerous public meetings on the subject, had input from many residents & eventually they voted unanimously in concurrence with the Licking County Planning Commission’s recommendation of a 5 acres minimum Ag lot size. The public had several required hearings and meetings that lead to the lot size consensus. What most do NOT know is that Mr. Duval was/is one of the members of our Zoning board. Why did "Dog Warden" Duval vote YES? What is his point? The "Dog Warden" is one of the 5 unanimous votes comprising the township zoning board made up of 5 regular members. It is fact, Mr. Duval & members of his family were adamant supporters of the 5-acre decision. Later on, our new "warden" apparently changed his mind, for he wanted his own neighbor to be provided a variance shortly after the amendment went into effect? What's up with that?

Let's examine the process of a zoning amendment further as nearing the time of enactment. The decision of the zoning board finally came before the 3-member board of township trustees for a roll call vote. "Within twenty days after its public hearing, the board of township trustees shall either adopt or deny the recommendations of the township zoning commission or adopt some modification of them. If the board denies or modifies the recommendation of the township zoning commission, the unanimous vote of the board shall be required. This was the wording as per the ORC at the time of the resolution. This was opportunity for all 3 members of the board to clearly have discussion, deliberation and vote. I was the only trustee even willing to have a conversation. I even had to make a point to Fiscal Officer, Jennie Duval to correct her meeting minutes on these key points, which she had initially left out. To me this was a major point to have noted in the meeting minutes, since a conversation could have easily resulted in modified or compromise. The other trustees did NOT want to even discuss the issue further. We could have easily deliberated on this issue before final vote & made it anything we had all agreed. One point to make here is trustee Watkins was the last one to vote & he actually tried to avoid making any roll call vote. He noted "well I guess I don’t have to vote now", since he knew that one YES vote would carry the amendment. He clearly wanted to "stay on the fence". I believe it was politically motivated & this way he could avoid any shots one way or another. I pushed for his vote anyway, so it is public record. If you don’t believe it, then check out that audio tape!

This pushed the vote to be a YES for the consensus built decision of 5 acres or a NO that would digress our established ‘zoned township’ to a zero acre Ag district minimum. So YES indeed, I voted with Mr. Duval & the zoning board recommendation. To me, a vote against was a vote against the hard work of the members of our volunteer zoning board. They had all taken their time to review this issue carefully with their neighbors & other residents of our township, plus over many months & numerous public meetings had come up with "their" final recommendation, to the board of trustees.

It should be noted that my YES vote is the only way a vote could be available to give the public the opportunity, by referendum petition, to move the decision to the ultimate decision makers… you the voters. Spearheaded by a local resident land developer, Trustee VanBuren’s son and 2 other residents a referendum petition was circulated. The Board of Elections did not accept the effort due to legal issues the circulators failed to adhere to.

So in closing, I voted YES to consensus, I voted YES to Mr. Duval's recommendation, I voted YES to responsibility, I voted YES. This would allow the opportunity to move the decision to the ballot box for all voters to decide. Mr. Duval fails to mention that he is one of the township zoning commission members that voted unanimously for this change? So exactly who is it that has continued to misinform residents about the facts on this issue and others? Distortion and mistruth are not substitutes for facts. Who is it that contrived and mislead Brownsville residents into thinking they could not buy or sell their homes? Who was it that whispered gossip of falsehoods that "grandfathered" lots also needed to be 5 acres? Did anyone question why Trustee VanBuren and Trustee Watkins voted against consensus? They did not provide a means for the decision to go to the ballot box?

Space constraints have limited and focused my response. I will gladly address Duval’s other distortions. We can agree on one item. "I would like to encourage all township residents to come to the meetings to see for yourself what is going on there." The township meetings audio can always be accessed on-line at

Jeff Chorpenning
Bowling Green Township Trustee

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