11/25/2008 Bowling Green Township Board of Trustees Monthly Meeting notable and quotable Public "Comments"

These public comments were directed towards Trustee Chorpenning.
Resident, Shannon Duval says, "...Step up and be a man!" "... And I will argue with you until the day I die and you are wrong and everybody will freakin tell you that...!" 

This is how the President directed the public comments.
Trustee, Dan Vanburen
says, "Isn't this fun" 

This comment was directed to the Board of  Trustees.
Resident, Will Kern says, "Do we have a board president there that controls the meeting or what?"

This was the President's response.
Trustee, Dan Vanburen says, "I can't control you guys."

This question was specifically for the Board President, VanBuren.
Trustee Chorpenning
says, "Who has the floor, sir?"

This was part of Ron Duval's public comment.
Resident, Ron Duval says, "...i got a Trustee for a Liar, Mr. Chorpenning I call your a liar..ok."  followed by his comments about www.bowlinggreentownship.com claiming it is 'almost' illegal.

Resident, Patty Volland gives her verbal non-legal opinions about www.bowlinggreentownship.com and the township seal.

Hear it all and more in full context...

Click here for 5 minute audio from 11/25/2008 Public Meeting .mp3 file (excerpt is from podcast  #2 @ approx. 1hr:02)

The full audio podcasts of the 11/25/08 meeting can be found at www.bowlinggreentownship.com along with all other documented public meeting podcasts.
Note: Resident, Will Kern has also video taped many meeting sessions including this 11/25/08 episode  ("if you think the audio sounds hard to believe then you should see some of the videos" quote by, Jeff Chorpenning).


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