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 Why do we think Jeff Chorpenning should be elected to the O.T.A. Board of Directors?

Tim Bubb , Licking County Commissioner
”I endorse the candidacy of Bowling Green Township Trustee,   Jeff Chorpenning to a seat on the Board of the (OTA) Ohio Township Association.   In working with Trustee Chorpenning, I have found him to be an intelligent and forward thinking township trustee, who both serves his community on a continuing basis, and takes an active interest in the bigger picture issues facing township government in Ohio.   I believe the OTA, Bowling Green Township, and Licking County (Ohio) would be well served with Trustee Chorpenning serving as a member of the OTA Board of Directors.”

Sandy Chorpenning, Wife and Business Partner
"When Jeff commits to do something he always gives 100%."

Will Kern, Active Bowling Green Township Resident
"From my personal experience & dealings with Jeff, I have been impressed & inspired by his perseverance & efforts in trying to bring our local Township government & it's day to day dealings, out into the light of day. His belief in a WIDE OPEN & VISIBLE  government, where all actions are openly discussed/voted on and recorded properly, where public input will not be eliminated or stifled & where the proverbial "good ole boy network" can no longer operate at will, this is something that I know Jeff will work very hard to eliminate, if he were elected to the OTA Board of Directors."
"Jeff Cares enough to stand up and bring things out of the dark ages. Remember any positive changes/improvement/discoveries ever made in our entire world history where made on the backs of people like this.  Many had to endure hardships all along the way, for many years they were called heretics, lunatics, idiots, dreamers, etc..  Observing Jeff constantly attacked at Township meetings by the "good ole boy network", He manages to maintain his unwavering resolve and still wields positive community results, I truly understand why Jeff has earned the nickname of "catalyst chorpenning"

Kelly Rock, Long time 'Central Ohio Client of Total Print Graphics, a Chorpenning Company'
"Jeff Chorpenning is one of the most honest and ethical men I have ever known. In my dealings with Jeff on a business level, he always strives to exceed his clients expectations. On a personal level, I've known Jeff for over 20 years and he is genuinely a nice person. He is not afraid to stand up for what he believes and I feel works for the good of all concerned, not just himself."

Charla Devine, Licking County Member of the Ohio National Road Association Board.
eff Chorpenning should be elected to the OTA Board of Directors because he will bring to the table an  enthusiastic and tireless approach to his position as a Director.  I have worked with Jeff on several committees and I have seen his tireless and enthusiastic work ethic."  

Doug Smith , Licking County Commissioner
Seven term Harrison Township Trustee and current Licking County Commissioner Doug Smith has been acquainted with Jeff Chorpenning for several years, and has also known outgoing Ohio Township Association Director and Hartford Township Trustee Gaylord Morris for many more years.  "Gay's service to the OTA will be sorely missed, but Trustee Chorpenning is more than able and well qualified to assume a seat on the Association's Board of Directors starting in 2008.  Jeff is fully engaged in the affairs of Bowling Green Township, Licking County, and he took the initiative to design and serve as webmaster of the township's first web site.  His involvement doesn't stop there, though.  He also finds time to serve as a member of Toastmasters International and as a Director on the Ohio National Road Association (ONRA), and is active in the local scouting program and in the Lakewood Schools.  His appointment to the Board is warranted and his leadership would be beneficial to township government in general and to the OTA in  particular."  Commissioner Smith wholeheartedly supports him in this endeavor. 

Gary A. Pennington, Bowling Green Township Land Owner
In my opinion, Mr. Jeff Chorpenning makes an exceptional candidate for the Ohio Township Association Board of Directors based upon my personal knowledge and professional interactions with him. He first introduced himself to me about two years ago and one of the first observations one will experience with Jeff, is his professional energy and enthusiasm. In Bowling Green Township, Licking Co., Ohio, the National Road Yard Sale was underway. That is where I began to witness his level of involvement in trying to make it a successful community event all around. He actively invited local people to participate, worked with other local communities to coordinate signage, even involved his parents and family. I watched and listened as he interacted with the people selling their goods and the traveling customers that strolled through the event. During the event and after it was complete, Jeff made contact with me to ask my opinion of the event and if I felt that it was successful. I was genuinely impressed. His dedication and professionalism was very obvious to me at this point. Shortly thereafter, Jeff had arranged for a National Road speaker to give an exceptional historical discussion on the topic. It was very well attended and appreciated. I had not experienced this level of local government involvement here in the past. In fact, if not for Jeff Chorpenning’s effort to communicate and inform, I would not know who the other Trustee’s were. I have had the need to use Jeff’s services through his printing company and found him to be easy to work with, honest in his business dealings, and very capable technologically. It seems to me that this would be an asset to the Board of Directors in every regard and submit this letter in support of Jeff Chorpenning.

I am a retired person from a government position and remain a local businessman & small livestock farmer in Bowling Green Township, Licking Co., Ohio. I like to believe that my life experiences have given me a good sense for what is real and what is a smoke screen. I find Jeff to be for real and therefore a great candidate for your kind consideration.

Gary A. Pennington

Vickie F. , Bowling Green Township Resident from Dogwood Lakes
" Jeff Chorpenning would be an asset to the O.T.A. Board of Directors.  Jeff  works hard as a Bowling Green Township Trustee and has taken on many projects for the betterment of our local government and community.  He has developed and also maintains a website for Bowling Green Township which gives its residents easy access to township meeting minutes, zoning information, event dates, etc.  Recently Jeff put together a  “meet the candidates night” which included both county and township candidates.  It gave the local residents the opportunity to meet the candidates and become better informed voters. 

Jeff is very active in his community.  Together with his boy scout troop he has started a local community clean up day.  He has also been very active in organizing and promoting our townships participation in "America's Longest Unofficial Yard Sale”.  This yard sale started in 2006 and extends 700 miles, starting in Baltimore and ending in St. Louis.  In addition to the yard sale Jeff is a board member of the Ohio  National Road Association.  His involvement in the ONRA shows his dedication to our area by promoting the National Road, a great source of pride in our part of the state.

Above all I have always found Jeff Chorpenning to be a person that continually looks for ways to learn more and improve himself so he can better serve his township and community.  He would truly be an asset to the O.T.A. Board of Directors."

Patricia Volland.Long time Bowling Green Township Resident
Jeff is a very responsible trustee, looking out for what is best for the township at all times. He speaks up even if it is not a popular topic or goes against “the way it’s always been done.” His leadership is greatly needed in this township and he would be an asset to any group or organization he chooses to join.
“Our lives begin to end the day we become ‘silent’ about things that matter.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.
Jeff has not been silent about things that matter to the residents of Bowling Green township.
Patricia Volland

Thea Walsh, National Road Alliance President
Also Clark County Township Association Associate Member

Jeff Chorpenning is not afraid to take a stance to preserve the history and character of his Township Community. I have enjoyed his leadership in preserving, promoting and helping to enhance the section of the Historic National Road in his community and across the State of Ohio. I feel that Jeff exemplifies the OTA’s mission of preservation and promotion of the township form of government.

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