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Business, Community, Commitment,
Some Term Highlights January 2006 - December 2009

Chorpenning launched  *officially January 2006 - December 2009
Jeff updated site several times monthly to keep residents informed of ALL township business.
Official Township business information is made available to the public on-line available 24/7!
* Township informational website is provided to the public for no charge to residents.
James Madison, our Country's fourth president stated, "A popular government without popular information,
or the means of acquiring it , is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy, or perhaps both."

1/31/2006  First Township Monthly Meeting as Trustee, Chorpenning is the only
board member to take a stance to NOT go against the voter's decision!   Issue #31 details

2/10/2006 Emergency Management Institute FEMA (NIMS) Course completed.
Certificate issued.

(2006-Completion) Volunteer, Lakewood Realignment Task Force

3/28/2006 Jeff prepares issue #30 Press Release to explain to the public.  A mistake was made by the prior
board on an improper ballot levy that occurred on the November 8th, 2005 election.

2006 Volunteer Township Park mowing season

4/21/2006 First Plant Pride Not Litter Event in Bowling Green Township
Event Article submitted to Advocate
Certificate awarded for Township participation

5/30/2006 Ohio Ethics Board Precedence decision set in the State of Ohio do to inquiry from Jeff Chorpenning .
A township employee can NOT concurrently serve on a township board of zoning appeals.
May 30, 2006 meeting minutes.  Member from the Bowling Green Township Board of Zoning Appeals is
replaced on the Commission.

6/01/2006 Historic National Road Yard Sale flyer  National Road Celebrates Bicentennial!
Township Community Sale is headline news in Columbus Dispatch!

6/28/2006 Chorpenning Company, Total Print Graphics officially adopts a highway!
2 mile section of the Historic National Road.

2006 Sign Safety Restoration Project   Photo
Many other safety and informational  signs have been donated to the Township by the Chorpenning Family.
Some other examples: Park Safety Sign  Open Woods Road 'No Dumping' refurbished sign 

(2006-Completion) Serving on Board of Licking County 2008 Bicentennial Planning Commission

2006 August Ohio State Fair

Jeff volunteers to present awards for OTA.
4H fashion review.

2006 September, Official Bowling Green Township Seal logo created for and
for upcoming 2008 Bicentennial celebrations.

10/06/2006 Historic National Road Event Hosted by Chorpenning 

2007 Jeff voted as  Ohio National Road Association  Board of Trustees, a representative from Licking County

2007 January, Implementation of Township Board Volunteer's Certificate Recognition Program

2007 Elected V.P.Public Relations for Moundbuilders Toastmasters Club #511

2007 Appointed Chairman for Cub Scout Pack 33.

2007 January, Jeff organizes Licking County Bicentennial Legacy Quilt project group.
Chorpenning Company develops County Legacy Flag project to help fund and promote the bicentennial.

2/24/2007 CPR-Adult, Child and Infant Certification updated
Standard First Aid Certification updated (recertifications paid for by Jeff)
The American Red Cross, Licking County Chapter. See
February 2008 for
update:  Jeff is now a certified Red Cross Instructor for First Aid, Adult CPR, Child CPR,
infant CPR, and AED (Automated External Defibrillator)

3/23/2007 Webelo Scout Jarred Chorpenning and Father Jeff survive baking lessons.
Complements of professional Food Artist/ Chef Fred Norris.

Licking County Flag Bicentennial Cake entry in Annual Pack 33 "all male cake auction".
Entry Takes the highest bid award!  Event is a Scout Success.  All 3 Licking County
Commissioners (Marcia Phelps, Tim Bubb, and Doug Smith) come out supporting Scouts!
Everyone wins, especially scouts that also  helped consume the County Flag. 
Chorpenning vs. Bubb as Auctioneer Doug Smith squeezed every penny out of willing bidders!


3/26/2007 Toastmasters Club #511 hosts "Changing Lives and Achieving Dreams"
public event with guest motivational speaker Gary Reece

4/4/2007 Completion of 8th Annual Local Government Officials' Conference
Columbus, Ohio. Mary Taylor, CPA, Auditor of State

4/10/2007 Chorpenning creates website for Moundbuilders Toastmasters club #511
Elected as V.P. Public Relations

2007 Volunteer Township Park mowing season

4/14/2007 Plant Pride Not Litter Event  2nd. Annual  for Bowling Green Township!

4/24/2007  Community Building Policy update vote  Chorpenning is the only trustee to
vote NO.  Reason:  "The provision to allow employees and paid elected officials to have
unlimited use of the facility for no charge was in my opinion a poor business decision and
even though I am the one that put much work into revising the overall policy, I see the final result as
irresponsible and flawed with this new perk."  "I will NOT use the community building for a personal
use for no charge even if other elected officials voted this for themselves."

5/06/2007 O.N.R.A Norwich, Ohio Historical Marker Dedication photos

5/07/2007 O.R.C #519.12 Ag district zoning amendment board of trustees Vote.
Chorpenning is the only trustee to vote Yes
"This decision came about after proper arduous process as per the Ohio Revised
Code (ORC) and the consensus from a township zoning commission unanimous vote
and several public hearings. The other two trustees could have agreed to have a discussion
prior to vote and a different minimum acreage could have been decided as per ORC 
with all three trustees agreeing on a modification.  By not having conversation, the other
two trustees forced the vote to be an either or decision.  Either a zero acre minimum or a
five acre minimum in the ag district.  I viewed a zero acre minimum as an irresponsible
alternative therefore voted Yes on this amendment that was adopted."  A legal resident
referendum petition could have also pushed this decision to the voters on the November 6,
2007 election however this did not occur.

5/12/2007 Volunteer Township Work Day ...
Jeff completing Community Center painting project.  New
basketball backboard and pole donated by resident Will Kern .
Lettering donated by Total Print Graphics.  Specialty welding
donated by Gerald Livingston.  Installed by Will Kern, Jeff
and Webelo Scout Jarred Chorpenning.

5/23/2007 Guest speaker at Career Day, Lakewood Intermediate School Right to Read Week

5/30/07-6/03/07 Licking County Historic National Road Yard Sale now a 2nd annual event in 2007!
Jeff creates*  and it is launched.
*website costs and event signage  donated by Chorpenning.

7/20/2007 Licking County Bicentennial Quilt unveiled in Outville Ohio.  Jeff Chorpenning and mother,
Nancy Chorpenning put toastmasters skills to the test ...  Historic Presentation in Outville places the quilt
legacy  project in the hands of Bicentennial Chairman, Commissioner Tim Bubb!  The Bicentennial Commission
is now only months away from the celebration 200 years in the making! The
legacy quilt is one 'talking point' for the great in '08!  The quilt idea started with an idea seed from Nola Rogers. 
This seed was cultivated and sprouted right here in Bowling Green Township!  Instrumental Township residents that
joined Jeff to make this happen are: Barb Wade at Herb-N-Ewe for providing initial meeting planning location,
Nancy Chorpenning for coordinating with Jeff,  her small quilting lady's group (and so much more).  If you
want to get something done  ... ask a mom!  Jeff's wife Sandy and daughter Jenna helped in the early stages of 
organizing too.  Then of course there are the two ladies that constructed the Bowling Green Township Square
putting us on the map!  This contribution recognition goes to township residents Barb Wiseman and Sandy Brown. 
Last and by absolutely no means least Jeff's hero ... Jayne Stepp for special embellishments and sewing the entire
project together! 


7/31/2007  Jeff Presents Bowling Green Township future Nepotism Prevention Policy Proposal.
At the August 28th meeting, the vote came down to 2 NO  and Jeff's 1 YES vote Result :
no township anti-nepotism policy was adopted.
 The longest term trustee stated, "The reason family
members work for the township is because you cannot find anyone that will do the job."

7/ 31/2007 Amendment Proposal by Jeff  for common sense proposal to amend 1978 resolution
Reason: To prevent perceptions of impropriety on culvert installation decisions and to implement a policy
to insure that all 3 trustees know about an installation and have an opportunity to vote on approval of work.
The vote came down to August 28th meeting 2 NO and Jeff's 1 YES  Result: 2 trustees are allowing
themselves to spend township funds and install culverts on private property with decisions being 
made outside of public meetings even when installation involves adjacent property owned by an
elected official.

2007 August Ohio State Fair
Jeff volunteers to present awards for OTA.
4H fashion review.

9/02/2007  Participated in NATAT, made up of townships and township associations from
across the country and focuses on township issues at the federal level.  One of two Licking
County Trustees representing the Ohio Delegation in 2007.


 9/13/2007 Graduate O.T.A.L.A. Ohio Township Association Leadership Academy Certification 
Only current member on the Bowling Green Township Board of Trustees with this credential.

10/4/2007 Toastmaster's Club #511 Expedites Public Service County event  Meet the Candidates

11/08/2007 Completed required official House Bill 9 Public Records Training. Location Zanesville, Ohio
First Bowling Green Township Trustee to fulfill this obligation.

11/19/2007  Jeff nominated as a candidate for the O.T.A. (Ohio Township Association) Board of Directors.
The Association was founded on June 28, 1928, and is organized in 87 Ohio counties. The OTA has more than
5,200 active members, made up of Trustees and Fiscal Officers from Ohio's 1,308 townships, and more than
4,000 associate members.  The State Association acts under the direction of a Board of Directors. Sixteen board
members and four officers.  Election to be held at the upcoming Winter Conference to be held in Columbus, Ohio
January 30-February 2, 2008.  Testimonials

11/27/2007 Jeff's Final draft of "Use of Township Property" Proposal is voted on 2 NO  and Jeff's 1 YES vote Result :
Things remain as they have always been ... No way to differentiate between personal property and township
property within the township community building, garage, and hall.  There are no guidelines in place on permission
to use township property for personal use.  Township physical inventories are impossible to accomplish in an accurate manner.
The goal of accountability on this topic is not able to be achieved.

11/27/2007 Jeff's Township Donation Policy is voted on. 3 YES Votes Result: Policy is adopted
Hopefully this will curb the continued theft and vandalism of items Jeff has donated to the township. 
 It is also the hope that the recent actions from  the majority of the board denying specific residents from
 donating will not occur again in the future.

12/07/2007 Jeff shares the  O.N.R.A. Board of Trustees News: (Ohio National Road Association)
Good News from Federal Highway and ODOT today!  Both of ONRA’s FY07 National Scenic
Byway Grants have been approved. We have been awarded $160,000 toward our Interpretive Signage
 Project See the link below for the list of projects across the nation that were awarded today!
First sign in Licking County will be located in Bowling Green Township!  Eagle's Nest Monument.

12/18/2007  Zachary Balassone from O.N.R.A. alerts our Interpretive Signage Project subcommittee
 members that we received a grant from the Della Selsor Trust for $1,000 to be used for our interpretive signage implementation! 

12/18/2007  Trustee Chorpenning Caught "doing nothing" .pdf file for the critics.

12/22/2007 Chorpenning's fulfill Historic National Rd. Route 40 Adopt-a-highway obligations for the year.
2 mile/2 side adopted section clean-up completed  4 times during 2007.  The 'highest point on the National Rd.
in Ohio' is clean and ready to travel the population into the 2008 County and Township Bicentennial YEAR!
Bowling Green Township on the eve of turning the big 200!  1808~~~2008 ..

12/31/2007 Jeff is your only current Bowling Green Township Official with a perfect attendance record for all
Township Trustee meetings, including Zoning Commission, Zoning Appeals Commission meetings,
and other special township meetings held from January 2006 to present! Celebrating 2 years of perfect attendance.

January 2008 celebrates 2 years online, posting current public record  info. at a cost to the
taxpayers of $0.  Technology of Podcasts are added allowing the public to "hear the public meetings". 

January 2008
Jeff brings township physical property inventory into compliance in accordance with the ORC.
Also creates a digital photo inventory album and spreadsheet.

January 15th, 2008
Township residents join together for first Township Bicentennial round table
January 15, 2008 Township Bicentennial Round Table .doc file

January 26th, 2008
Jeff joins other community volunteers and agencies participating in setup of a simulated (VRC) Volunteer Reception Center.
Disaster training held at the Career and Technology Education Centers of Licking County.

January 29th, 2008 
First podcast of Monthly Township meeting published on the web within hours of meeting.
No more waiting a month or longer to read the Fiscal Officer's written version.
Click to Hear the January 29th meeting on audio podcast

February 2008
Jeff enrolls and completes training with the Licking County American Red Cross.
Certified in F.I.T. (Fundamentals of Instructor Training)
Updates on all current First Aid and CPR certifications and ...
Jeff is now also a certified Red Cross Instructor for First Aid, Adult CPR, Child CPR,
infant CPR, and AED (Automated External Defibrillator)
Jeff volunteers with the Licking County American Red Cross Chapter to teach
community certification training to others. 

February 19, 2008
Township Bicentennial Round Table #2

February 2008 GRANT NEWS:
Bowling Green Township awarded 2008 "Keep Ohio Beautiful Month" Litter Grant!

Jeff Writes successful litter grant for third Bowling Green Township 'Plant Pride Not Litter" event.

February 29, 2008
Cub Scout Pack 33 Blue and Gold Banquet is hosted.  Pack Chairman,
Chorpenning completes term and turns over the Pack..

Left photo: New Chairman, Angela Haviland and Frank Crowell, Pack 33 Cubmaster receiving awards from Trustee Chorpenning.
Right Photo: Son, Jarred Chorpenning and fellow Web. II graduates crossover to Boy Scouts greeted by Boy Scout Master, Aaron Kirkingburg.

March 15, 2008
Jeff's Editorial in the Buckeye Lake Beacon

April 10, 2008
Township Bicentennial Round Table #3 held at Brownsville United Methodist Church

April 12, 2008
3rd. Annual Bowling Green Township, Plant Pride Not Litter Event held.

April 25, 2008
Township Bicentennial Round Table #4

May 2008 Guest speaker, Chorpenning @ Career Day for 2nd.year,
Lakewood Intermediate School Right to Read Week.

Jeff talks with Lakewood 5th. graders about marketing for their
upcoming Economics Fair. Students ask about the importance
of being able to read to be an elected official.  Trustee
Chorpenning shows them how thick the Ohio Revised Code
books are and how important it is to elect honest, literate public servants.

May 22, 2008
Final Township Bicentennial Round Table #5

May 28-June 1, 2008
Third Annual Licking County Historic National Road Yard Sale Days held.
Jeff serves again on planning committee and maintains  This County and Township Bicentennial year event
included a rolling cruise down the National Road from Gratiot to Hebron.  Township residents joined in the cruise waiving the township
flag and the Chorpenning family waived a bicentennial banner and flags to participants from the Eagles' Nest Monument.
Story in the Buckeye Lake Beacon

June 3, 2008
First meeting held of the newly formed Bowling Green Township Park Committee made up of resident volunteers.

June 9, 2008
Jeff is elected as President of Moundbuilder's Toastmasters Club #511 2008-2009

June, 2008
Jeff completes additional training with The Licking County American Red Cross.
Airborne Pathogens and (F.A.S.C.)  First Aid Service Corp. Training

June 13-14, 2008
Bowling Green Township Bicentennial Events!!! full .pdf flyer of events
Read Commissioner Tim Bubb's blog mentioning one of the event celebrations

Toastmaster Chorpenning  leads the Licking County Bicentennial Flag day
event.  The custom made one-of-a-kind township flag is flown along with old glory
that flew over the U.S. Capital Building in Washington D.C. to honor this bicentennial day!
Pack 33, Girlscouts, Boyscouts and citizens honor our Vetrans as U.S. flags are
respectfully retired.  Veterans are presented with grommets from the retired flags.

June 24, 2008
Trustee Chorpenning  finally gets illegal  reimbursement checks stopped!
How? Board President and Fiscal Officer attempt refusal to sign Jeff's paycheck to
try to force him (black mail style) to sign Trustee Watkins continuing  illegal "double dip"
reimbursement checks.  County prosecutor finally puts
 ORC505.60  on their letterhead
at Jeff's urging and the board can no longer ignore the law.  Total amount of the illegal
monies 'taken' from our township was $2,969.60 spanning from October 2005-June 2008
Jeff refused to sign the checks in early 2008  full story

July 4th. 2008 Bowling Green Township Bicentennial participants win parade honors.

July/Agust 2008 Neighbors Helping Neighbors Community Project

15503 Historic National Rd. S.E. (Main St. Brownsville) restoration project
Left photo: Circa 2006 'before photo' during Historic National Road Yard Sale.
Center photo: Volunteer, Will Kern inspects west wall as the old paint is about all removed.
Right photo: Jeff Chorpening completes the scraping and priming at the peak.

Below photo: Gray Primer Coat almost covered.

After Project Photos and video interview.. !


August 4, 2008
Jeff joins as a new member of  the Licking County Genealogical Society

September 2008 Windstorm

It was "neighbors helping neighbors"!  When the Township crew excluded Jeff, it did not stop him... he went solo with
his own vehicles, equipment, and energy to work around the clock helping neighbors. Power was out for several days
for some township residents. Sandy Chorpenning finally caught up with Jeff when he got back home to cut the family out!
Wife Sandy catches Jeff "doing nothing" again with her camera! send us your photos of Jeff "doing nothing" like this one...
.pdf file

September 17, 2008
Jeff organizes and leads Community Meeting held in Community Building
"Do we need a Comprehensive Plan?"

October 13, 2008
Jeff completes CC Designation from Toastmasters International.
Competent Communicator.

photo of Toastmaster Club #511 President, Chorpenning by  Keith Palmer @
Licking County Patriots, Meet the Candidates Night 2008
Moundbuilders Toastmasters Club #511 helped expedite this event.

October 20, 2008 Beacon Editorial Entitled
Trustee "Calls Out" the Dog Warden

October 25 2008
Successful Township Community Halloween Party and Fundraiser with the BGT Park Committee.

October 27, 2008
Jeff completes ALB Designation from Toastmasters International.
Advanced Leadership Bronze

November 2008
Article submitted to Beacon in reply to 11/08/2008 letter to editor "Dog Warden" rant.
Link info. update 12/18/2008

November 20, 2008
Jeff, as a township resident speaks on behalf of 144 Bowling Green Township Petitioners
.htm  file of public record statement made to the Court 
Link info updated as case of the "Double Dipping Trustee" saga continues.

November 25, 2008
Trustee Chorpenning remains magnanimous while repeatedly berated at public meetings by
local self proclaimed political pundits/critics and other elected officials.
Read a few quotes and hear podcasts from this meeting's Public Comment/Chaos session.

December, 2008
Board members receive more successful grant news!
Both of our recent grants to the National Scenic Byways Program were successful.
One covers administrative costs for the Ohio National Road Association for $25,000
and the other submitted for "Increasing the Awareness of the Ohio Historic National Road"
for $56,000!  The association will be working on achieving matching fund requirements.

December 13, 2008
Licking County Bicentennial News

Jeff receives Bicentennial bronze plaque on behalf of the township.  Plaque will be placed
permanently somewhere in the township sometime in 2009.

December, 2008
"Dog Warden's" newest rant article published in Beacon topic:  
12/20/2008  Full written response posted by Trustee, Jeff Chorpenning
Chorpenning says, "Public record is for the public, and that is"

2009  Jeff's final year of the Elected 4 year Term begins.
Jeff commits a 4th. consecutive year tirelessly maintaining the township public record,
grass roots, volunteer website at no cost to the township.  A full year
anniversary of promptly uploaded audio podcasts within hours of meeting adjournment keeps a level of
government awareness available to all 24/7.

January, 2009
Jeff receives letter of congratulations for successful awarded 2009 Litter Grant submission.
2009 Bowling Green Township 4th. year Plant Pride not Litter Program receives funding!
event flyer

January 24, 2009
Jeff and other Moundbuilders Toastmaster Club #511 officers attend 2009 TLI training working towards
Distinguished Club Designation DCP.  Goal is for Club #511 to be  2008-2009 President's Distinguished Club.

January 29, 2009
Licking County Access Management Regulations adopted in accordance with Ohio Revised Code Chapter 5552.
Jeff completes service as a Township Trustee representative on the Licking County Committee.

February, 2009
Jeff serves again helping to expedite the OTA Winter Conference as a volunteer Sergeant @ arms for 3rd. consecutive year.

February 16, 2009
Licking County National Road Yard Sale planning Committee set. Volunteers meet to plan a 4th. Annual County Event.
Jeff agrees to serve as volunteer webmaster again and assisting with PR.

February 24, 2009
Chorpenning reaches goal of having all three trustees agreeing to have a township website!
YouTube video of  February meeting discussion

February 26, 2009
Toastmasters Club #511 receives Founder's Award for sponsoring the
New Frontiers Toastmasters Club #1254252

February, 2009
Jeff maintains Red Cross commitment, teaches 2009 Community  First Aid, CPR, & AED as certified volunteer instructor.
Licking County American Red Cross Chapter

In the Community
Last year more than 1,000 community members enrolled in first aid courses which taught them how to prevent,
prepare for and respond to health related emergencies. By completing CPR courses, more than 900 learned
how to help when someone is choking, stops breathing or has no pulse

The 2009 Class Schedule is now available

March 7, 2009
First Youtube videos of pubic record township meetings
Complete February, 2009 meeting published to

March 14, 2009
Buckeye Lake Beacon Article  Link
Trustee gets litter clean-up grant for Bowling Green Township

March 24, 2009 Guest speaker, Chorpenning @ Career Day for 3rd. year,
Lakewood Jackson Intermediate School Right to Read Week..

showing the Licking County Bicentennial Legacy Flag.

April 2009
Township Park Committee holds successful Easter Egg hunt, bake sale Auction.

April 18, 2009
4th. Plant Pride Not Litter event held in Bowling Green Township
2009 litter grant also helped purchase new park swing.
YouTube Volunteers video #1   video #2

May 2009
Jeff begins serving on newly formed Licking County Public Records Advisory Committee.

May 6, 2009
Jeff becomes board member for American Red Cross Preparedness Advisory Committee.

May 23, 2009
Jeff served as Toastmaster for Moundbuilders Toastmasters Club #511 at
special event conducted by the club at The Newark Public Library.
"Leading Effective Meetings, Roberts Rules of Order" online flyer

June 3, 2009
Jeff takes out petition for Bowling Green Township Board of Trustees Re-Election.

June 26, 2009
Jeff serves on the Licking County Complete Count Committee
united states census 2010 trademarked logo  video link

Licking County Count Committee kicks off
with  2010 project logo below:

Licking County Counts

June 27, 2009 Jeff puts final touches on the Park Committee
Litter Grant Beautification project by installing donated ID plaque.

June 30, 2009
Toastmasters Moundbuilders Club #511 year concludes with highest club goal of DCP President's Distinguished.
President, Jeff Chorpenning hands the gavel over to the 2009-2010 Officer team.  The club had not
reached this leadership distinction honor since 1986!

July 4, 2009
Jeff joins family and friends to kick off first official campaign walk/parade for Township Trustee Re-Election.
Parade begins 6pm. in Gratiot along the Old Historic National Road section.

August, 2009

 Re-Elect Jeff Chorpenning Nov. 3rd. 2009!

August 10, 2011 Integrity Matters
Proven  *  Positive  *  Proactive
Jeff nominated to run for Trustee.  Election to be held November 8th. 2011

Chorpenning launched  *officially January 2006 - December 2009
Jeff updated site several times monthly to keep residents informed of ALL township business. Home Who INFO