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Who is Jeff Chorpenning?
Aware, Able, Accountable

Highlights of  Life Resume'

"Though I consider myself a very private person, I do feel when someone offers
themselves to serve for an elected position, voters have a right to know who they
are electing."   The following is just a very brief chronological resume' showing the last
41 1/2 years of Jeff Chorpenning's ventures.

~Circa 1964~
DOB February 20, 1964 
The President of The United States was Lyndon Johnson
The price of gas was about  .30/gallon
Proud parents Russell and Nancy Chorpenning brought home 2nd child,
Jeffery Dee Chorpenning. 6 lb. 3 oz.  Favorite color was red.

~Circa early 1970's~
The President of The United States was Richard M. Nixon
The price of gas was about ??
Jeff Chorpenning (Not liking to be called Jeffery
at this time) was a proud Boy Scout earning merit

~Circa 1976~
The President of The United States was Gerald R. Ford
The price of gas was about??
It was the Bicentennial, a patriotic year to remember.
Jeff achieved the Boy Scouts Arrow of Light and
was active in 4-H.

~Circa 1981~
The President of The United States was Ronald W. Reagan
Jeff Graduated from Miami Trace High School
in Rural Central Ohio.  Jeff  left the family agricultural
business to complete coursework at Tulsa Welding School.
Jeff returned to Ohio to concentrate on his passion of
Powerlifting training with the Circleville Barbell Club.

~Circa 1983~
The President of The United States was  Ronald W. Reagan
Jeff relocated to Dayton Ohio to train with the Power Elite
Powerlifting Club with the goal of making it to the Teenage
National Championship.  Goal achieved when Jeff came
Back from Phoenix, Arizona with the coveted
"Best Lifter Award" and his first National Championship Title.
Jeff's Career in the Fitness related fields was off and running.

~Circa 1988~
The President of The United States was re-elected, Ronald W. Reagan
Still recovering from a serious lifting accident from 1986, Jeff
had a record breaking year in winning "Best Lifter" at
the A.P.F. Jr. National Powerlifting Championship.  This
was topped off by also winning the Sr. National Powerlifting
Championship.  Other international highlights this year included bringing back
a gold medal from the USA vs. USSR event and having the highest posted
lifting total on the prestigious Powerlifting USA top 100 list.
Personal contest bests included an 804 squat, 500lb. bench press and
750 deadlift for an official career best total of 2050 in the 90kg. weight division.
The boy from 1965 that had the favorite color of red now had the
reputation for being the Red,White, and Blue All-American Powerlifter.
A great year for a  lifting career pinnacle but....
The best things from this year were the seemingly small things....
-Jeff starts his business that began when needing printed t-shirts to trade
with the USSR team.  The costs were too high so Jeff decided to print them
himself.  Total Print Graphics (Then called Total Power Prints) was born!
-Jeff graduates from Franklin University with a degree in Business.
National Ad campaign photo
from 1988 postcard mailing endorsing Athlete's Natural Supplement Co.


~Circa early 1990's~
The President of The United States was the first George Bush.
Jeff purchases property in Bowling Green Township and begins
the early stages of turning a 'log home dream' into reality.  Jeff
leaves the Corporate world to take Total Print Graphics from a part time
hobby business to a full time venture.  New screen-printing equipment is
added to the business.  Total Print Graphics has expanded into a full service
advertising specialty firm.  In 1993 Sandy said YES! and vows are
are exchanged with wedding bells ringing on July 3.  A Red White and Blue
wedding at St. Paul's Lutheran Church is the event of the day in Newark Ohio.

~Circa 1997~
The President of The United States was Bill Clinton
Total Print Graphics  prepares to launch into the .com boom.
The Chorpenning log home dream is fully realized with countless hours of do-it-yourself,
on the job experience acquired...Just in time....
Jarred Robert Chorpenning is born!

~Circa 2000~
The President of The United States was still Bill Clinton.
Total Print Graphics continues to expand in-house services with
new time-saving automated equipment.  Jeff plays the roll of Mr.
Mom during the day as Sandy heads off for the 'real 9-5 job'.  Best of all.....
Jenna Lee Chorpenning is born making 4 of us!

~Circa 2001~
The President of The United States is George W. Bush
9/11/01  A day every American will remember what they were doing,
when terrorists attacked our innocent. 

~Circa 2005~

The President of The United States is George W. Bush serving a second term.
The price of gas yesterday was 2.499/gal., today it was 2.699/gal, tomorrow??
Sandy Chorpenning joins Total Print Graphics full time.

 Jeff Chorpenning Entrusted as Bowling Green Township Trustee 2005

Aware, Able, Accountable

~Circa 2006-2009~
Sworn in as Bowling Green Township Trustee on the 29th day of Dec. 2005

Re-Election 2009

        Proven   Positive   Proactive

August 10, 2011 Integrity Matters
Proven  *  Positive  *  Proactive
Jeff nominated to run for Trustee.
Election to be held November 8th. 2011 Home Who INFO