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What is a Scopist?
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Professional Scoping Services, Inc. Copyright ©  2005-2012 Professional Scoping Services, Inc. Professional Scoping Home What is a scopist?
A scopist is a professional who provides support
services to a court reporter. A scopist receives a
reporter’s unformatted, unedited, unresearched notes
on a computer disk or via modem or e-mail. The
transcript is produced using the scopist’s skills of
translating undefined stenotype into English,
punctuating and formatting, while employing the
features of specialized court reporting software.

The basic required skills include, but are not limited
to, notereading (ability to read stenotype); vocabulary
and grammar knowledge; general computer
competency; proficiency with specialized CAT
software; understanding of file transfer; research
ability; legal and technical terminology familiarity;
the flexibility and willingness to work within a
reporter’s specifications.