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The intent of this newsletter is to bring you up to date on Smithlawn’s position and activities. We continue to offer an alternative to abortion for expectant mothers. Our cottages provide a home-like atmosphere in a neutral environment, free of interference from friends, neighbors and relatives. As a result, our clients have the opportunity to decide what is best for the baby, as well as what is best for them and their situation. Privacy is observed and confidentiality is respected in both our maternity program and adoption services.

Variations of open adoption are being practiced by many agencies, but Smithlawn does continue to provide confidential services for our clients. We hear about concerns from adoptive families that feelings of entitlement to the child can be compromised when parenting is expected to be shared with birth parents. It is our recommendation that exchanges of non-identified information between birth parents and adoptive parents be done through the agency. In this manner, adoptive parents can feel empowered to fulfill their parenting roles and birth parents can have a way to access updated information about the child while resuming their lives and pursuing future goals.

Your financial support helps Smithlawn maintain a more professional approach. Our expectant mothers indicate what characteristics are important to them such as physical attributes, hobbies and talents. When the child is born, the adoption staff will place the baby for adoption with a qualified couple who have those qualities to satisfy the conscience of the birth parents.

Smithlawn is not a Government funded organization. Our support comes from three general categories. It is our goal to receive one third from churches including special collections. We seek another third from individual contributions including living honor and memorial gifts. The remaining one third is expected from adoption fees which are based on the income level of the family making it more affordable for couples to adopt from us.

Your financial support is needed to help expectant mothers during a crisis pregnancy, to save the lives of babies, and to allow childless couples to become parents. Contributions are necessary since Smithlawn is a work intended to be supported by Christians. A contribution of any size is welcomed! Please make checks payable to Smithlawn Home. Thank you for your continued support and prayers.



We are now set up to receive on-line donations through our secure server with PayPal.   Go to our home page and click on the "Make a Donation" button if you would like to make a contribution to Smithlawn Home using your credit card.


If you would like to give a regular contribution of any amount by electronic bank draft, click here and print the authorization form to fill out and send back to us.


"Protecting the Adoptive Triangle"

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