Hi, This is moi, Stacey!  And this is my site.  Here you will find things that make me hole and happy in my life.  Well I'll let you get on with visiting my site.




My favorite things are related to the Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue, Grateful Dead, and Hippies. Also, included on this page are things telling you a little bit about me and my life.

 I currently collect Grateful Dead Bears, and just about anything with the Grateful Dead on it.

I play online games, I play a MMORPG game called Puzzle Pirates.  You can play for free, but your limited to certain games on different days, and you cant do special things without being subscribed.  Also the best ocean (server) is the Midnight Ocean and My mane pirate is Geminiladi and Cobalt as Daydream.

I update my page often, so come back.  I'm sure you enjoy your stay if you are like me.

 Just to Pre warn you those who wish to gets some graphics or backgrounds, please wait while the page downloads.  And may I say you won't regret waiting. 

Just to Let you know there were no animals hurt in the making of this page.  LOL



Terms of Use of the Graphics on This Site Some of These Graphics were Graphics that I found on the net in various places, If any of these graphics are yours and you would like for me to remove them, then send me an email.  Some of these graphics were also made by me, you cannot link to my pictures just for the plain and simple fact is that my server wont allow it and also it is just rude to steal my bandwidth. 


Grateful Dead - Sugar Magnolia