March 16, 1923 - December 2, 2008


Mrs. Effie Stacy Born March 16, 1923 Departed this life on Tuesday December 2, 2008 at her home being 85 years, 8 months and 16 days of age at the time of her passing. Effie was born in Perry County, Kentucky and is the daughter of the Late Calloway Conway and the Late Rebecca Blair Conway. Effie was a life-long resident of Perry County, and enjoyed quilting, raising a garden, and was a member of the Talcom Mennonite church. 

Effie was preceded in death by:  Parents Calloway and Rebecca Conway.  Husband, Orpha Stacy.  One son, Orpha Stacy, Jr.  One Grandson, Jason Stacy and ten brothers and sisters.

Effie leaves the following relatives surviving: 
Four sons - Bobby Stacy, Darrell Stacy, Lloyd Stacy, and Teddy Stacy. 
Two daughters - Carolyn Napier and Janet Miller. 
Two brothers - Calloway Conway Jr. and Samuel Conway. 
Two sisters - Lula Carter and Alvida Hardin
15 Grandchildren and a host of Great Grandchildren and Great Great Grandchildren also survive.




Effie was my maternal grandmother.  She helped me through a lot over the years, she helped give me wisdom of the old fashioned ways about everything from life to cooking to love.  Family was important to her.  All she wanted was for the family to get along and be happy with themselves and with one another.  She wanted the best for them.  She was a great mother, grandmother and great grandmother.  When she was in good health she loved planting and watering flowers, making quilts and cooking.  I had the privilege to live beside her most of my life.  At anytime that I was bored of being a teenager, I would go visit and help her make quilts and do crafts and even just sit and watch TV with her.  No matter when you went over she always said "if you want something to eat, you know where it's at".   She loved nothing more to watch the price is right or wheel of fortune.  She loved cats, for as long as I can remember she always had a cat and most of the time all the boys were named Tom.  LOL  




Mamaw, if your reading this, I love you, I miss you and you will always be in my heart.  Please say Hi and give hugs to papaw, Jason, and uncle Jr. for me.  And if you happen to cross paths with Cully do the same for him as well and tell them all I love them.




My cousin wrote this for her after she passed

So many paths taken as she walked the circle of life.  Every mistake learned from, every joy captured in her mind.  Her thoughts were filled with family, she loved us all along, now god receives our angel as he gently calls her home.  I can hear her words, I know she would say, "Continue the traditions, remember the best of times, and always love your family because that love never dies.  I watched over you all in life, now I watch you from above.  Always remember your roots and where you came from.  My walk is now over, my circle is complete, my family is my legacy left to finish my dreams."

by Lisa Ann Stacy








May 20, 1919 - February 21, 1993


Orpha was the son of James Stacy and Mary Crase.  On his birth certificate they realized he had the wrong name all his life.  He was born William Barlow Stacy.  He got the nickname Orpha as a small boy, when he had a crush on a girl named Orpha.  They just started calling him that to tease him and it stuck.  His mother died a short time later.  When he was in his late 60's is when they found out about his name.  After they found out, they had his name changed legally to Orpha.  Papaw loved to stand outside and enjoy the fresh air.  If he was at home you either would see him standing on the steps leaned over the brick wall, sitting on the porch or inside watching westerns.  He loved his volts wagon beetles.  I remember going to town with him and mamaw a lot as a kid, I would always tell him that I didn't want to be caught dead in his beetles and I complained because they had no heat or air conditioning.   His birthday and my birthday was in the same month and only 11 days apart, so we generally always celebrated together with picnics and B-B-Q's.


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