First, I am going to let you know a little bit about this Bear Collection.

Each Bear has it's own unique name, tour memory, birth date, and characteristics.

The Bears first came out in 1997 with the first edition. There are 3 different styles of tags. The first style which read "beanie bear" on the front, TY will no longer allow it to be put on those bears. These bears will be somewhat worth more than others someday.

The second tags were changed to accommodate better graphics on tag.

The third tag and final tag features the holo-logo and the Liquid Blue name so you know your getting the real thing.

There is one special bear "Delilah". She was supposed to have black paws, but instead 11,000 were made with the leopard print like the rest of her body. They didn't realize it until the 11,000 were already shipped out....Liquid Blue doesn't ever have one! So she is very hard to find, the rest of "Delilah" produced 44,464.

Also, now King Bee of the 6th edition has been know to have Black Antenna's instead of Yellow.  Even less of those are made than the Delilah bear with no paws.

There are mistakes on Candy man's, Lost Sailor's, Deal's and Franklin's Tags. Either being misspelled or omitted words.

By the time Jerry's Family quits growing he will have 99 children including all Ltd. Editions and Terrapins.



The Latest Edition in the Grateful Dead Plush Bear line of Liquid Blue Bears was released in February of 2001.

The Latest Special Edition Bear "Mardi Gras" was released in June of 2001.

Also, Jazz and Blues Released for the Hendosa Fabric Bears Line.

Sometime in Mid-October Liquid Blue is releasing the "Grate Pumpkin" bear and the "Frosted" the snow bear.  These will be an added part of Edition 7.

Coming in January 2002, 14" Black Peter.

March 2002 "Freedom" and "Lucky".

April 2002 Edition 8 was released.

June 2002, Cold Rain, LE Bear Released.

November 2002, Edition 9 was released, along with 14" plush Casey Jones & Terrapin

June 2003, Edition 10, We thought edition 9 was going to be the last but Liquid Blue Surprised us.

Editions 10, 11, and 12 have been released.

"The Grate One" is now released.

"Vegas" is now released.

Edition 13 is coming in November of 2004.

**LOL** Its been so long since I updated this its hard to tell where to start!  Umm I think Edition 15 came out recently, just check out Davies General Store for info.




More News will be added as time passes on.