Four Feet in Heaven

by Alice E. Chase

Your favorite chair is vacant now...
No eager purrs to greet me.
No softly padded paws to run
Ecstatically to meet me.
No coaxing rubs, no plaintive cry
Will say it's time for feeding.
I've put away your bowl, and all
The things you won't be needing;
But I will miss you little friend,
For I could never measure
The happiness you brought me,
The comfort and the pleasure.
And since God put you here to share
In earthly joy and sorrow;
I'm sure there'll be a place for you
In Heaven's bright tomorrow...







Fluffy was very dear to me, My friend Shannon gave her to me when she was just 4 weeks old.  She was a very independent cat.  But she loved me very much.  Me and her went through my roughest times and she was there for me, she knew when I was sad, happy, etc.  I knew when she didn't feel good.  She was my best friend.  It has been very hard for me, I can hardly look at her pictures till I burst out into tears.  She embraced my family's hearts.  My grandmother has one of her babies (Shadow).  Fluffy, mommy loves you very much.

Fluffy as you can see was very pampered.  She was the one and only cat in my life for much of that 9 years that I had her.  She slept with me, she would come to the bathroom with me and put her paws on my knees while I done my business.  It has been almost 4 years since she passed, I still think of her often and remember all the times we had together.

My father was the one that found her when she passed.  He did not tell me for months.  He thought that If I did not know what happened that I would have hope that some family took her in and took care of her.  But I knew in my heart she could not survive the outside life.  I have to estimate the time that she died as I do not know the real date, I just now it was roughly one month after I left that dad found her laying beside the barn.  She got out on me when we were moving to London.  We waited and called for her for hours but she never came back.  This broke my heart as I knew when I left that I would never see her again.

I will never ever forget you.






Susie Q, was born on July 10, 2003.  We lived next to dad when she was born.  Her mom is Boo, which is also in two of the pictures above.  Susie was 1 of 5 kittens.  Only 2 survived, which were the first 2 born.  It was a hard pregnancy for her, her first heat cycle, she slipped out on us before we had the chance to fix her.  The other kitten was named Aimee we gave her to a friend. 

Later on that year we moved in with mom because we lost our jobs.  Mom would not allow us to keep her in the house, which she had never stepped foot outside before. 

After a few months, she had gotten attacked by a dog.  I heard the commotion but had no idea it was Susie.  We ran to the door and ran the dog off.  The next morning I was concerned in fear it might have been her.  It was.  She had been bitten and could barely crawl.  We were still out of jobs at the time and had no income to take her to the vet and they would not let us take payments to get her checked.  So we did what any pet parent would do and try to home medicate her.  We gave her a bath, shaved her tummy, and cleaned her wounds and made sure she was comfortable.  She set up infection in her bite wound, and I laid ice on it to see if the swelling would go down, and she was in so much pain the ice felt good to her.  Her infection or inflammation immediately went down with in minutes.  She survived the attack.  She limped for awhile but after she got better mom said, she's got to go back outside.  This broke my heart. 

Well some months later, Susie wound up pregnant, still had no funds to get her fixed either.  We brought her in yet again to have her kittens.  We kept one out of that litter and gave the rest away.  His name was Tiger.  We decided at that point to let her remain outside to keep Tiger company.  A few months later we finally get Susie fixed.

A few years later, mom moves out, we buy her place.  We still decide to leave them out because Tiger is terrified of the inside of the house.  One day, they both had been gone for a few days.  This is nothing unusual for Tiger, but it is for Susie.  After a few days I start getting concerned and start yelling for them.  Tiger comes running home.  Starved to death we feed him and I'm still yelling for Susie, no response.  Everyday for a few days I continue to yell for her.  Still no response, I just know something bad has happened.  But there nothing I can do but hope until we find more evidence.  A few days later I ask the neighbors if they had seen her, and they said no, only Tiger.

Later that night I come in and take a nap.  Sammy comes in and wakes me up a few hours later, to tell me he had found Susie, and from the tone of his voice, I knew it was bad.  He found her next to the creek bank like she was headed home for food or for medical needs.  But must of died on the way home.  He said it did not look as if she had been attacked by a dog, but maybe bit by a snake, which is very possible around here.

I will miss her forever.  She was the most affectionate and loving cat I've ever seen in my life.  Would always want to be around us when we were outside.


Rest in Peace my babies.  You two take care of each other up at the beautiful rainbow bridge.