In Loving Memory


The Miller Sisters

Alice, Helen & Lois





These Sisters have a few things in common.  They loved ALL their family, Husbands, Children, Grandchildren & even Great Grandchildren in Helen's Case, Brothers, Sisters, Nieces and Nephews.  They all Loved God to the bottom of their hearts, if anyone in my life that I have known that was going to Heaven, It's All Three of My Aunts.  They also have one bad gene in common.  They all three died from different forms of Cancer. Alice and Helen had different forms of Cancer before they finally passed away including Cervical, Breast, Lung, Brain.  I guess you could say Lois was lucky as she only had Lung Cancer.   There was so many that it was hard to keep track of it all.   This Deadly disease has taken so many people, they were not the lucky ones who went into remission and lived happy lives for years.  But there is the bright side, they are all with Jesus now, and they are together taking care of one another and watching over us, hoping that we will not mourn them for long and live our lives just as we always did and hoping that we will remember the good times and not the bad.  And for these things they are truly wonderful and beautiful women.  Rest In Peace Sisters.  We will always Love you and we will see you again one day in Heaven.






Family Tree

Paternal Grandmother - Jane Mullins

Paternal Grandfather - Andy Miller

Maternal Grandmother - Fairlena Mullins

Maternal Grandfather - Boyd Hale

Father - Albert Miller

Mother - Margaret Hale

Siblings - Alice Jean, Helen Sue, Lois Ann, Ruby Jean, Henry & Clay

Paternal Half Brothers & Sisters - Johnny, Crit, Lillie, Adam, Robert & Junie

Maternal Half Brothers & Sisters - Noah, Harland Boyd, Robert & Dina Faye





Alice Jean Miller Reynolds

March 18, 1941 ~ April 11, 1997


John Q Reynolds


Arnold Jr., Brenda Cheryl , and Sandra


Michael Paul, Thomas Jake, Jon Jon

My Memories of Aunt Alice

I remember she always clipped coupons, she loved dogs, and raising honey bees for the honey (this might have been partly John's doing also, as I was very young when they done this lol) and she made the most absolutely delicious chicken and dumplings.  They also grew cherry trees.



Helen Sue Miller

November 8, 1944 ~ June 16, 2006


Robert, Richard and Ronald

Grand Children

Timothy, Ryan, Little Rick, Albert, Suzie and Little Ronald

Great Grand Children


My Memories of Aunt Helen

She ran the Radio shop, loved flowers and drinking Tea, loved doing genealogy history research, she also loved dogs and cats.  She never had a bad word to say about anyone.  She always forgave and forgot everyone's sins no matter how bad they were.  She took care of me when mom and dad was going through there divorce, I will always remember those months I spent with her.


Lois Ann Miller Dixon

June 10, 1049 ~ December 29, 2006




Jeff & Bill 


Harold, Liana

My Memories of Aunt Lois

I remember when she would also work on the cars seats, she would cut and sew fabrics and make a car seat beautiful again.  I will always remember her beautiful smile and her sense of humor.  I remember going to her house when I was small and play pinball and all there game machines.  And her wonderful delicious Chess Bars.  She was also a dog lover.





Go Rest High on that Mountain by Vince Gill, Patty Loveless, and Ricky Skaggs