New Breed Tattoo Shop



This is my first tattoo, in my life.  I Got it on July 21, 2001 at New Breed in Dayton, Ohio.  A guy named Chris done my tattoo.  My Friend Jennica went with me to watch.  It was so cool, this was a really cool experience for me.  The first cool thing I have ever done.

Well it is now day 6, Seems to be healing pretty good, I can finally lay on my ankle now.  I have a habit a putting my right foot under my other leg when I'm sitting in a chair or anywhere for that matter.  I haven't been able to do that for 6 days now. LOL  I guess that means I should have thought about which ankle I put it on before I done it huh? Hehe That is ok, I Love it!

Day 7, The layer of skin is pealing off

Well it is now exactly three weeks to the day that I got my tattoo done.  It looks great it is all brighter and everything now.

And yes Jennica is the one that recommended New Breed to me.  St. Marq the owner, has one numerous awards for his work.  He owns several shops in Indiana and Ohio.  He done Jennica's tattoo before he became a legend around these parts.  (OK Jennica you Happy Now! LOL)

My 2nd Tat


Well, This is my second Tattoo, It's located on my left shoulder.  It was done by Allen Shaw in Englewood, Ohio.  I heal really well.  With both tattoo's I healed in a week.  Allen is my friends husband.  He is really great.  He doesn't own a shop, and does these in his spare time from home.  I don't know if this will be my last or not....when someone tells you they are addictive.. believe them!!!

My 3rd Tat


Its located on my left ankle.  My best friends Bobbies husband done it back in 3/08.  Probably not going to be my last tat either.  This one is dedicated to my dog, Maci.  I came up with the font from the web and the paw prints were drew by me on the computer and then put together.