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1625 Adams St
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St. Joseph Catholic Church

Oak & North Streets
Greenwood NE
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Welcome to the parish families of St. Mary Ashland and St. Joseph Greenwood.

We invite you to share in our worship of the Lord in the celebration of the Eucharist, to experience spiritual growth in the Word and Sacrament. I hope you will join our Catholic communities in serving the Lord and others.

Pastor: Fr. William Holoubek

St. Mary Education Center/Church Basement: 402-944-7509

Parish Boundaries
St. Mary Parish of Ashland extends from 134th St in Saunders County east to the Platte River and 334th St in Cass County, including South Bend. It goes north to Co. Road D (700) from 134th to 167th St, Road E (800) to 190th St, Road F (900) along the University Farms and Military Reserve to 226th, Road H (1100) to 250th St and Road I (1200) from 250th St to the River, including Memphis and Wann.

St. Joseph Parish of Greenwood extends from 134th St in Lancaster County, including Waverly, east to 310th St in Cass County. Its southern boundary is Fletcher Ave from 162nd to 226th St, Alvo Rd to 250th St, Bluff Rd to 286th, and Mill Rd to 310th St, thus just North of Alvo and Northwest of Murdock.

The boundary between the two parishes follows Saunders County from 134th to 226th St, i.e. Ashland Rd from 134th to 190th and E Agnew Rd to 226th St, then into Cass County on E Rock Creek Rd to Hwy 63 (238th St), and Davey Rd from Hwy 63 to 334th St.

St Mary Parish History
St Mary Catholic Church of Ashland was founded in 1924 with a membership of twelve families. A former Baptist Church was purchased and dedicated at that time. Initially, Franciscan Capuchins and Oblate Fathers served the parish until 1932 when the priests from St Mary Cathedral of Lincoln took over. From 1936 to 1949 Msgr. Dennis Barry, pastor of Colon, came to the Ashland parish.

A new rectory was built in 1950 and Ashland had their first resident priest, who also served St. Joseph Parish in Greenwood. By 1956 the parish had grown to 60 families who voted to build a new church. The stone building was dedicated in 1957, seats 325 people and was built for a cost of $60,000.00.

By 1966 the parish of Greenwood had their own pastor, until 1979 when again both parishes shared the same priest, as continues until the present day. By 1970 St. Mary's had grown to 85 families. In 1980 the bell tower was built using the bell which originally belonged to the old Baptist church, and the Grotto dedicated to Our Lady was constructed, along with the garage and parking lot.

The needs of the growing parish were again addressed in 1981 when the education center was erected. The center includes 7 classrooms and a library and serves both parishes. In 2003-2004 extensive renovations were completed to the interior of the church. The fall of 2004 saw the construction and dedication of the Monument to the Unborn in front of the education center on Silver Street. In 2006-2007 the parish celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Church building, and 25th anniversary of the education center.

Recent pastors of St. Mary and St. Joseph include Fr. Zygmund Rydz, 1979-1986; Fr. Francis Murphy 1986-1998; Fr. Paul York, 1998-2004; Fr. Gary Coulter, 2004 to 2013 and currently Fr. Thomas Au.

St Joseph Parish History

Father Emmanuel Hartiz, OSB, said the first Catholic Mass in the Greenwood area in March of 1865 at the house of Dennis Dowd. This mass marks the beginning roots of St. Joseph Catholic Church of Greenwood.

In 1871, the Burlington & Missouri River Railroad was building westward. Many of the rail workers were Catholic and thus missions were established along the railway. Father William Kelly from Lincoln made stops in Greenwood to say mass. Other priests came from Council Bluffs, IA and Plattsmouth, NE to say mass in the home of Dennis Dowd or in a schoolhouse.

In 1881, a railroad contractor, John Fitzgerald, obtained the lots on which the church now stands. By 1883, $1,018.00 was collected and plans were made to build a church. In 1884, the first load of rock was hauled from Plattsmouth, NE for the foundation of the wooden church. This same building is still being used today.

Throughout its history, St. Joseph was also served by priests from Davey, Manley, Havelock and Lincoln. The church was completely renovated inside and out between 1948 and 1950. In July 1950, St Joseph Greenwood and St. Mary Ashland were served by the same priest, who resided in Ashland. In June, 1966, St Joseph was separated from Ashland and had its own pastor. Since 1979 St Joseph has again shared the same pastor with St. Mary.

In 1990 a wood framed Hall with kitchen and bathrooms was added. The Church interior was again renovated in 2000, a large portion of the work being completed by parishioners. In the fall of 2004, the Monument to the Unborn was erected and dedicated in front of the church.

St. Mary and St. Joseph Catholic Churches
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