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Welcome to my home page 

My name is Tony Anders and I live in Keavy Kentucky.
I love God and this wonderful country that we live in. If you do not believe in either then that is your right; however, don't start whining and crying just because of my strong disagreement with you.
I feel that when we took God out of schools and our country that did nothing but allow room for the devil and his work.
This is why I will never agree with the liberal beliefs or for what they are doing this this awesome country we live in.
I have the right to voice my opinion about them destroying the country just like they have the right to burn flags.
I feel if they hate this wonderful country this much then please, leave this country and go live somewhere that they love, as much as I love our country.

I am an active amateur radio operator and hope maybe sometime we can communicate over the air ways.
If you hear W4WXR on the radio, that would be me.

I also enjoy getting out and exploring Kentucky's great outdoors.

I love to cave, backpack, hike, camp, rappel, canoe, geocaching, go shooting, hunt, fish, and explore the paranormal.

If you share the same interests as I do, please feel free to contact me and maybe we can get out and enjoy exploring Kentucky.

Thanks for viewing my pages.  Let me know if there is anything I can help any of you with.

God Bless
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