What other classmates have said....

Mark Phillips: "I've missed all the previous reunions and am really looking forward to seeing everyone, especially Jesse Reeves."

Kay Pope Aldridge: "I'm looking forward to finally attending a reunion"

Pat Speir Townley: "Will not be able to make it this time, but want to send a special hello to Cathy (Wade) Hix, my very best friend in high school, who, in my heart, will be treasured as my best friend forever. Hope everyone has a wonderful time. See ya at the 40th!!"

Brian Youngblood: " Received your inviation to our 30th reunion. Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend. I am finishing an MBA. I already have an MS Physiology (medical research) and BS Biology. I have two grandchildren. My Zimbabwean wife is working at Nasionale Pers (Afrikaans for National Press). No, she did not graduate from Towers. we both work in Cape Town in the computer field. Our drive into work takes us along a mountain that drops into the Atlantic Ocean. Across False Bay we can see the sun rise above the Hottentot Mountain range. As we are now in winter, we can see snow on the distant peaks. Sometimes in thje evening we drive home along the other side of Table Mountain and stop to watch the sun set in the Atlantic. Our typical holiday (vacation) is spent in one of the game parks. Four weeks in the minimum time off for vacation as many people visit relatives in Europe or Auatrialia. Regards"

Rena Scoggins: "I wanted to thank you all for inviting my Class of 1967. What a wonderful idea. I plan to attend and will stay at the Wyndham. I doubt I'll come to the picnic but will be at the evening activities. I was very impressed with your efforts and organization. See you there!"

Bob Crawford: "I'm Stll basking in the glow from last Saturday's reunion. You guys did great. I've got an idea of how much work you put in to it & I just wanted to take the opportunity to say thanks. All of you sacrificed considerable time & effort that culminated in bringing   joy to a lot of people..... Wasn't it great to see Danny mink again. He's had a lot of health problems over the years.  When you sit down and talk with him, it's still the same ole Danny. He still has that great personality and perverted sense of humor.... And am I the only on who thinks Cindy Smith is the nicest person in the world?  Of course that's the way she was in high school, but now the older you get you appreciate where she's coming from..... And wasn't it great seeing Mr. & Mrs. Cramer. They helped look after a lot of us kids in their time.  It was nice to be able to thank them..... And didn't Valerie Davis look great. I still remember playing spin the bottle with her, Dexter Little & Susan Kuntzler 34 years ago...... Anyway, rest assured I'll carry a lot of good memories from the reunion. I guess I just wanted to say thanks for the memories."

Michael Scott: "I really appreciate the efforts of putting this reunion together, I'm sure it's a ton of work, and thanks for inviting 66 & 67...... I look forward to seeing you on Aug. 15"

Roy Parker: "I want to thank you and Joy and all the others who worked so hard to put the reunion event together. It was great fun and I am sure it was very hard work. It was MUCH appreciated. I have found myself going to the reunion homepage frequently, even after the reunion, for addresses and information. Do you have any plans to keep the page up for a while? If you do, I'd like to encourage others in those classes to post their addresses and bulletin board comments ongoing--that is of course if you or someone is willing to maintain the page. Every comment I have heard about the site has been positive. Anyway, thanks again for a terrific event."

Don George: "You have done a lot of work here. Thank You! This information is great! I was not able to make it to the reunion but you have supplied a great reference for reaching old classmates. I was a member of Joy's 1968 class. I also work with computers as a Software Engineer with Lucent Technologies. Your experience shows. I can appreciate the time you spent creating and inputting all of the data needed for this project. I wanted to update the data for Larry Waites in the class of 1968. He was Medical Physician in San Francisco before dying of AIDS 1996. I think people would like to know that! He was a very special person and a life long friend. Thanks for your help! My best to Joy!"

Joanne Gibb Wilson: "Wanted to say how much fun Dave, Pat, and I had at the reunion Saturday Night... it was a BLAST... and we had so much fun it was alomst unreal... seeing all the old gang was great...... Looking forward to the 35th!!!!"

Cindy Smith Cotter: "Thank you for all the hard work you and the committee did to provide such a lovely, fun event to bring these three special classes together! It was so good to see many old friends and pick up where we left off.  I've enclosed a set of double prints I received." (posted w/others on Photo Gallery page)

Judy Wellborn Baxter: "I put the class reunion photo on a floppy, took it to my 3rd grade classroom and put it as the wallpaper on the 36" screen of my classroom Gateway Destination.  It shows just how beautiful I still am at age 50.Thanks for the hard work you've done, Ted.  And I don't even know you!!  Judy Dianne Wellborn Baxter, living on a dirt road in Hahira, Georgia."

Troy Shaver: "I appreciate the work you have done on the Towers High Alumni web site.  You certainly seem to have been very busy over the New Year's weekend.  Since I live so far away and don't really know if I will see my Towers classmates again, it is good to have the web site to substitute for the reunions."

Lynn Wilkerson Culpepper: "I am really sorry that this has taken me so long to write, but I wanted all of you to know how much I appreciated you including the classes of 1966 and 1967 in your reunion last summer.  I don't know when I have enjoyed myself so much.  My face hurt from smiling and laughing! Everything was really nice and well organized and I knopw how much work that is!   Also it is just really special to take some time out of our buisy lives to spen time with some really special friends. I hope none of us ever forget how important it is to do that.  Also special thanks to Ira for all his help locating people. It's fuin working with him - he's a saint!  Thank you againg for giving me a year off"

Billy Newman. "I am glad to have found our page. Rena gave it to me and I hope to keep in contact with all of you. 33 years ago we went out into the world to find our way in life. It is fun to reachout to one another and find out how we are doing may we all use this forum to help each other through life.  If any of you need my assistance please contact me"