Dwaine Evans teaches the high school teen class during Sunday School.   Dwaine has a real burden to teach the Bible to this age group.  Discipline is rarely a problem, however, because he works as a corrections officer at a federal prison!

Aaron Pridemore has been working with the senior high for several years, and has the ability to forge relationships that are bolstered with sound biblical teaching and fun activities.  He is the "spearhead" of the Temple Teens leadership team.

Pastor Ben  has a long history of working with this age group as he started his occupational ministry as a youth pastor.  He provides oversight to the Temple Teens ministry, as well, as the "always available" aspect to this ministry.

Sunday 9:30am--Sunday School
Wednesday 6:30pm--Teen Bible Study

Check calendar below for secial events!

Gary and Angela Coovert have invested interest in the Temple Teen group as their two children are both in their teen years.  Gary helps with teaching and leadership, and Angela helps organize details of  thevarious teen activities.