Red River Gorge Trail Crew

Red River Gorge Trail Crew

The Great Outdoors of Kentucky

Wasting time on the computer AGAIN? Get to the Red River Gorge! We are individual volunteers that get together once each month to add value to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky. Some projects we walk the trails, trim back brush, use crosscut saws to remove fallen trees, or just plain move dirt. Other times we are building bridges, learning traditional outdoors skills, and creating brand new trails. Every once in a while we decide not to do anything extremely productive and knock off early to get in some R&R. The pot luck dinner around the campfire on Saturday evening is probably my favorite time of each project.

Most of the outings run on the second Saturday of the month. Some people arrive Friday night and camp out at the site while others come by on Saturday morning. Getting done early usually means jumping in the river for a cool swim, taking a canoe trip down the Red, or spending Sunday morning hiking to a unique, rarely visited area of the Gorge.

During the course of a weekend, there is always a niche to be filled by everyone. One of the things I like most is the level of diversity and acceptance -- each person goes along as they are, at their own pace, in the best way they can contribute. Accomplishing the "goal" at hand is very important, but the pure enjoyment of being out in nature is always paramount.

--   Jerry Neff   --

Work hard -- play hard. Enjoy life. No Problem!

Stop staring at your screen.  Get to the Red River Gorge!
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
Get in on the Red River Gorge Fun!

The next Red River Gorge Trail Crew project is on its way. Click on our calendar to get specific project dates. If you feel like helping out as a "serious" outdoors enthusiast or simply have an interest in experiencing nature, this event is for you. Putting in a full days effort in the outdoors of Kentucky followed by food, campfire, and friendship. Give back to the Red River Gorge while gaining something in return. Not a bad deal.