Dear Mom,

I have been trying to write for a long time, but so many things
have happened to me, since I saw you last year. After I left
home, I went to a very nice farm in Suffield, Ohio - about 40
miles from Cleveland. The farm is owned by Mr. And Mrs. Sandy
and they have lots of goats ,horses, and two friends that spoke
"DONKEY"(little one & jenny). I chased the goats and pulled
horse' tails until I met my new friend "Jim"(I call him Jim but
other people call him Louis). He came to the farm and I chewed
his hair. He must of liked that because, he asked Mrs. Sandy, if
I could go to his house. She said I could, so I went for another
ride in the back of a pickup truck. I didn't want to leave my
two donkey friends, so I kicked the window out of that old
truck. Well, then Mrs. Sandy rode in back with me until we got
to Jim's house. Oh my, I had to meet all new friends. There was
Kirby the dog, Julius the cat, maw horse and her two boys,
Junior and Junior-Junior. But best of all, I like Jim's mother.
She gives me graham crackers and carrots. I have my own box
stall and sand box to roll and play in. Every morning, I go to
Jim's kitchen for toast and snacks. Sometimes, I get to look in
other rooms too, it's a lot of fun. Jim showed me how to shake
hands , lie down and to let him pick the stones from my toes.
Jim says that I am 33 inches tall. He told me to stop growing.
I don't understand that. One day, Jim said that this is a
"SPECIAL DAY" and he set up a table in the back yard. He put
funny hats on all our heads. Then, Jim's mother brought cake and
root beer, and sang happy birthday to "THROCKY". I ate three
pieces and drank a large root beer. What fun! I got Dicken,
half-dog & half-chicken, for a present. I played with him all
over the yard. I helped Jim with the folding lawn chair. It
took a while, but I finally got it unfolded and upright. Jim put
"Fozzy Bear" in the chair so I could play with him, also. Jim
and I practiced for the father and son wheelbarrow race. I
think it's silly, but he seems to like it. Later, I was so tired
that I laid down with Jim and fell asleep.  Jim says I should
ask you for some pictures of yourself and dad for my scrapbook.
I still pull tails here and have fun with big people who come
to visit with me. I like to hear them yell, when I give them a
nip to say "hello". Please drop me a note to tell me how you are.

                              Your son,


Ps. I asked Jim where donkeys come from...  He said "Oklahoma".

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