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Nothing fancy here, just wonderful longears...

Temporary donkey doings..

1)Who says, ya can't ride miniature donkeys???
2)The plaque and monument in Muleshoe, Texas
3)The B & W is a picture of Pearl smiling for the camera while her
poor brother Dennis is just dying of embarassment.  ;-)  They're a small?
standard (11 hands) jack and jenny pair. - Kris Anderson
4)Lifesized statue in Albuquerque, NM  - Emily Phillips

             Paula Pick says, "Don't think these items are found at the flea market!"        

How about some Christmas cards?

Modestine and Throckmorton

His name is JC!!!! He is a baby, a sugar, a sweetheart :-)

Ken & Jill Allen-Melvin... Barrow-upon-Soar U.K.

Marion & Maribel Gilcher... Midstates Mule and Donkey Show Society

Jim & Nancy Eubanks... Summer Shade Farm

Karla & Marty Wolfson... Precious Acres

Joe & Dale Haworth... Hidden Cove Farm

The Bradley's...

Linda Johnson.. CAROUSEL FARMS
Z-Zoom and Mom visit Santa at the Mall Hope, Jerry and I in the Christmas parade

Rochelle Clark's hand made card..

Mimi Cantwell.. Black Dog Farm

Connie DeRocher.. Just For Kicks Country Club

Emily Phillips.. The Three Luminaries

Kris Anderson... Silly donk and his cat, Silky

Annette Bader... Hope Hill Farm... Harry's new mom

Gretchen and Schmo in Christmas gear
Gretchen Fathauer
Blue Rock, Ohio, USA
E-mail:  gretchenfathauer@ee.net

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