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Nothing fancy here, just wonderful longears...

1)Mimi Cantwell says, "Baby Macarena at one day old with Mama Allison"..
2)                    "The arrival of Platero - mini jack"..
3)                    "The Girls": Allison, Cilantro, and Guadalupe
4)                    "Baby Macarena practices standing while Mama Allison
                       munches on her hay."..
5)                    "Guadalupe takes a dust bath."..
6)                    "Platero, go shovel the snow! ibid. Charles Irwin"
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1)Sandy Naumann says, "Morning Star - 34" mini jenny - with Buttie Buddies
                       Bizzie Bee, NPGA Pygmy goat friend ( 5 lbs.).."
2)                    "Morning Star - Born 05/19/95"
3)                    "Morning Star and Stable-mate Blue (pygmy goat) in Star's stall"
4)                    "Jesse - 50" He's been wormed and teeth floated.. Just wait until spring"
5)                    "Morning Star & Jesse - 5? 15? 25? 35?  It doesn't matter, does it?" 
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1)Dale Haworth says, "Dewey Meadow's Marco Polo - AKA Norton 33 3\4"
2)                   "Norton makes himself at home."..
3)                   "Norton & fainting goat friends"
4)                   "Bonnie"

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1)Precious Acres - Karla Wolfson says, "Cocoa's newest precious, Chaposa"
2)Precious Acres -                     "Cocoa - How about a little kiss, Buckwheat?"
3)Precious Acres -                     "Cocoa & Karla clears 2 foot 6 inches"
4)Calder Racetrack -                   "Cocoa - Pull some down"
5)Calder Racetrack -                   "Mr.Angel - Gee Cocoa, You smell good."
6)Calder Racetrack -                   "Cocoa's birthday party"
Karla Wolfson - Precious Acres - Fort Lauderdale, FL 33331

1)Charles Irwin says, "Millie! Smile u're on Candid Camera!"
2)                    "Millie! Stick u're tongue out!"
3)                    "Millie! Stick u're right back leg out!"
4)                    "Millie! Roll over!"
5)                    "Good Lord! What's that thing, He just put in our pasture?!?!"
6)                    "Millie! Eat!"
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1)Jean Crawford says, "Digger is a 9 yr. old 13.3 hh buckskin horse mule. He is loud,
lovable, and an EXTREMELY easy keeper. He is broke to ride and belongs to me (Jean)."
2)                    "Lemmule is a 10 yr. old 14.1 hh buckskin horse mule. Lem belongs
to my husband Rick and is broke to ride and drive."

Jean Crawford
Rochelle, IL
Email to Jean Crawford mailto:75562.2024@compuserve.com
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