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Nothing fancy here, just wonderful longears...

1)Paula Pick says, "Sierra & Nevada - You have a black nose!"
2)                 "Winter in Oro Station, Ontario" - "Mirror,mirror frog Narcissus aka Nevada"
3)                 "What a beauty!"
4)                 "Nevada - In the trenches"
5)                 "Nevada & Sierra - I smell mint breath!"
6)                 "Nevada - A donkey for all seasons"
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1)Kathleen Conklin says, "John Henry and Bob - Ok, where's the Fox?"
2)                       "John Henry - Yipee, this is fun!"
3)                       "John Henry - "

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1)Sandra Stent says, "Hannah, Christine, and James"
2)                   "Waiting to be fed."
3)                   "Chico - at 4 years, 17 Hands"
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1)Rosemarie Gant says, "Margo"
2)            "Boxworth Margo, right, Waltham Mill Prudence, left, looking attentive"
3)            "Pru paying attention in the show ring while owner is distracted"
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1)Linda Johnson says, "Hope, Husband - Jerry and passenger Lizzie, our dog 
                       out for a drive in the neighborhood."
2)                    "Bear Track Chuck, His first trail ride. That's me "up"." 
3)                    "Regal, 14.3, rare Spotted Mammoth - Prudence's Mom."
4)                    "Prudence at two weeks old. Sire is Siemon's Special Edition"
5)                    "My favorite donkey, Hope - A snuggling lap donkey"
6)                    "Zoom and I driving at a show in Roseburg, Oregon."

Linda Johnson
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Enumclaw, Washington
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1)Jim Robinson says, "The mom is Lottie Michelle, a large standard jennet,
                      and the baby is Valentina (at age 3 days) who was born
                      this summer here at the ranch."

Jim Robinson
The Robinson Ranch
Madisonville, Texas
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