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Nothing fancy here, just wonderful longears...

1)Molly Adams and Candice Masters giving "Veggies" to Orlando and Godfrey

Mas Ranch
Vegetarian Country
P.O. Box 708
San Martin CA. 95051
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1)Jesse Curtright says, "Here is one of Okie Bill, my mommouth Jack.."
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1)Gloria Walters says, "Rousty is about 3 weeks old - Luv Me Tender Roustabout by Elvis"
2)                     "Vicky - Mini Jennet at Luv Me Tender Farm"
3)                     "Elvis meeting an Arabian gelding"
4)                     "Radar - Mammoth Jennet, wearing bucking bull costume, owned by
                        Crystal Elzer, Scotts Valley, CA"
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1)Gina Briscoe's donkeys - Buddy - Paladin - & Fergie, the horse  
  North Carolina

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1)Gretchen Fathauer says, "Schmo, with my friend, Valerie .."
2)                        "Euro-mule .."
3)                        "Schmo and me .."
Gretchen Fathauer...
Blue Rock, Ohio USA
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1)Julie Bordenkircher says, "This is my baby who was born July 15th (the 
one I am bottle feeding).  He is a real beauty."
2)                          "The living end..." 

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1)Elizabeth O'Brien says, "Son, Dale, when still a toddler in
nappies.  He is 28 now. At the time, I had just finished picking out hooves
and he thought he'd do the same with the donkey, Gumdrops."
2)                        "Gumdrops was very patient and obliging, in a VW Bug!!" 
3)                        "Trying to nap"
4)                        "Dale hitches a ride"
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