Hmmm, So you found it.. Huh?

And, Are you aware that this is a private *qorno* page?... *Notice* that I misspell words to avoid the web searchers... Well, What am I to do with you, now that you have interlopted?.. Seeing that you were clever enought to find this URL, you might as well stick around and satisfy your carnal *_lust*... However, Because I support no gay or liberal cause, also not wishing to violate our president's obscenity law.. I must issue this disclaimer... If you are offended by graphic *hexual* *inercourse*, I must request that you do not proceed any further with your browsing.. Also, If you are under the age of 18, I do NOT wish you to view the following pages.. Ok, Stating this, if you wish to proceed.... THEN...

Give a RAP on them DOOR KNOCKER's

Last Updated: 3/13/96