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This sign warns that behind it lies the "100 Mile Wilderness" with no chance of resupply for 100 miles. While historically true, there are now ways to resupply here. We carried 13 days of food in this section.

The approach to Rainbow Ledges, the first steep climb of the southbound trail with full packs, the Maine Appalachian Trail Club was kind enough to build a very long section of steps.

Rainbow Ledges with Katahdin in the background was one of our only clear summit views. (This is where Murray inadvertently left the water filter. See journal entry.)

The trail down the north side of Rainbow Ledges. Note the thin soil over smooth rock.

Our first trail dinner: chicken and rice. The brook trout (it's in the skillet) was tasty, but not very filling.

Rainbow Stream Leanto, our first shelter.
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