October 5
Rusty's Hard Time Hollow, VA

Phone journal: The mileage has kicked up. They did 26.7 miles on September 30. Had a day of very heavy rain when Tropical Storm Jeanne passed through the area. It's getting colder. Lows in the low 40s. Daleville will bring a shipment of long pants and another long sleeved shirt. The fleece and polypro gloves were already shipped.

Well, the Kelty is going out again. This is the third frame to fail. Kelty is sending another to Daleville. There will also be a new pair of Vasque boots at Pearisburg to finish out the trip.

The last 3 days have been rest days at Rusty's Hard Time Hollow. Rusty's is hiker hostel in the Virginia wilderness. The trail is following the Blue Ridge Parkway. Laz is hiking with Combat, Recon, and Pez.

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