June 13
Rainbow Lake, ME

We climbed Katahdin on Friday. A surprise for southbounders. Much harder than anticipated! One stetch of bolder climbing and chimneying in high gusty winds a mile long took over 2 hours! I turned back just below The Gateway so Murray and Kelly could go faster. Not that big a deal since I'm not doing the whole thing. Murray needed it though. Got back around 5:30. I watched the two of them 2.5 trail miles away through binoculars do the technical section with metal handholds descending around 6:20. They got back a little after 8:00.

Murray and I did the 10 miler from Katahdin Stream to Abol yesterday. Very beautiful. A string of ponds and streams. We saw one moose far away, a cow and 2 calves 50 feet away, was attacked by a mother grouse with chicks, an otter, caught several brook trout and one 12 inch landlocked salmon.

Two days of sunshine so far. No rain, low bugs. COLD at night. Rain is supposed to come in tomorrow. We camped by 2 guys from CT yesterday who are a day ahead of us. We read of several other groups a few days ahead. This seems to be a common time to start for SOBOs (SOuthBOunders). We read of a guy from Birmingham a few days ahead.

Murray's trail name is 'Lazarus Long' and I'm going with 'Riff Raff.' We are forcing ourselves to stay down around 8 miles a day for this first stretch to prevent injuries or burnout. The plan is 13 days for the '100 Mile Wilderness.' Should be in Monson on June 24. We will spend our extra time fishing and letting muscles get used to packs and every day, all day walking. 13 days with no roads- no cars, no car noise, no stores, no showers, no toilets, no chance for different food. It will be interesting.

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