June 14
Rainbow Stream Leanto, ME

I didn't write last night. Rough 8 mile day then Murray discovered that he left the water filter on the last mountain. He made it up there and back in an hour and we ate late and crashed.

We have seen a bullfrog, pink and white lady's slippers, trout lilies so thick you walk on them, painted trillium, and heard a loon. Murray caught a brook trout from Rainbow Lake that we added to dinner.

We have met Jim from western Massachusetts who did the trail S->N in 92. He is 70 and is doing it this year N->S; Pete from Wisconsin and Florida who started out just doing the 100 Mile and now plans to finish; Sam from Houston who graduated from high school a year ago and worked to get money for the hike and plans to go to U of Houston when he finishes.

Stayed on the side of Rainbow Lake last night. Tenting at Rainbow Stream Leanto tonight. No rain yet. It was cold the Baxter State Park days, but it has been warm the last two days. I dread rain!

Someone left a beer (Busch, but better than nothing) in the spring at Rainbow Spring campsite. People who do things like this are called Trail Angels. We took it to camp and split it for dinner. Out first Trail Magic.

Eight miles a day is plenty for both of us. We are worn out each evening. The trail is very rough with bogs, rocks, and roots. It's hard to make good time.

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