June 15
Wadleigh Brook Leanto, ME

Today was VERY HARD. We went up a very steep and rocky climb to the summit of Mt. Nesuntabunt, 1,520 feet. Grueling. Down was harder. Then anoter uphill before the shelter. I got worn out on the mountain. 8.1 miles in 6.5 hours. We saw a float plane land on the lake below us. The AT Guidebook listed a sandy beach a half mile past the shelter, so Murray and I took a bath and rinsed clothes in the lake. As soon as we got our clothes off, the black flies covered us up, but the bath was worth it.

The trail followed the very narrow rocky beach of the lake for about a half mile. A side trail to Pollywog Gorge led to a great overlook. We saw a raven on one of the mountaintops. We are sharing the shelter with Jim, Sam, and Pete. Two guys came blowing in around dark who were trying to do the whole trail in 77 days. They had started at Katahdin that morning, around 35 miles worth of hiking on one day.

We saw some adult and young bear poop just down from the shelter on the trail.

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