June 16
Potawadjo Leanto, ME

Good day for me. I got a little tired around mile 5, but recovered and burned up the next 5. Murray got worn out today. It was a 10.1 mile day today, so the longest so far. Over 11 tomorrow, but no big mountains. We fished some today but didn't catch anything. Good view of Katahdin from the lake here. Sam and Pete stopped short today to go to White House Landing. It's 1.2 miles off the trail, blow an air horn, and a ferry boat picks you up. They have burgers and homemade pizza. Also real beds.

We talked to our first NOBO (NorthBounder) today. He started Springer in February. Trail name: Office Taco.

Bugs overal haven't been as bad as they could be. Bad in spots. Black flies adn mosquitoes.

We have seen a good many snakes. I think they are all some kind of garter snake. It looks like 2 different varieties. Murray may have seen a bald eagle fishing yesterday. Some other people saw one a few weeks ago. We have seen a lot of moose droppings and tracks but no more moose. The robins and chipmunks are very prolific at this shelter.

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