June 17
Cooper Brook Leanto, ME

It gets light here at 4:30. I got up at 5:30 and I'm sitting drinking coffee as the sun is getting above the lake. I can't actually see the lake from here, but the sun is lower than we are. Jim who did GA->ME in 92 and is 70 this year going south, eats nothing every day but 1 packet of cream of wheat in the morning and 1 package of mac and cheese every night! Pete has nothing with him for the 100 Mile Wilderness but 4 jars of peanut butter and some soy beans.

We passed an MATC work crew the other day. They were busting BIG rocks to make stairs out of. The MATC group does an amazing job keeping up the shelters. Each has a bucket and tools like shovel, rake, and leaf rakes hanging on the wall. They are clean and the privies (with the exception of Wadleigh) are very nice. The one here has a glass window with a checkered curtain. Each shelter has constructed log benches and a large fire pit. This one has clear roofing sheets for skylights. The design is different, too. All out of logs. I will check in tonight.

We are at Cooper Brook Leanto after an 11.2 mile day. Ended on a climb to the shelter. The shelter is on the creek with an over your head swimming hole.

The usual crew of Pete and Sam. Also Megan, a bike racer and SOBO from Iowa. Two girls doing the 100 Mile wilderness. It turns out we are one degree of separation from one of them. Her parents orienteer in the Boston branch of NEOC and she knows Hans Bengsten and the Crawfords.

Mrray caught a brook trout that we ate.

We are combining two of our dinners for a gourmet feast. Murray came up with the idea of half of the Stovetop stuffing with a can of turkey and half of the instant mashed potatoes. So we had Thanksgiving dinner in thanks for making it through the day.

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