June 18
Logan Brook Leanto, ME

Interesting day. We got up earlier and left earlier. WE had planned 8 miles because of a killer steep mountain. When we got to the East Branch Leanto, it was only 2 pm. So, we went on 3.5 miles to the next shelter putting us a day ahead.

The additional climb was steep and rocky but we did it. This shelter, Logan Brook Leanto, is on the side of a mountain. Very scenic. We have started figuring out what we are getting rid of at Monson. I'm ditching some clothes and some lunch stuff. I gave Sam and Pete a bag of gorp and he extra dinner.

Got attacked by the third grouse today. Every time a grouse has attacked, we have seen a moose within ten minutes. Today's had antlers.

We saw a good many people backpacking to fish today. Everyone talks about the food in Monson. It's amazing how many people are in here for it to be the "100 Mile Wilderness." But there are many new roads, so it isn't really a long wilderness stretch anymore.

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