June 19
Carl A. Newhall Leanto, ME

Last night we laid the fly over the tent because the site wasn't big enough for the tent and it didn't look like rain. It rained and got everything wet. This morning it was wet and cold. We had a big mountain to climb. It was very miserable. The Maine trails don't do switchbacks, just straight up and straight down. They are very hard to negotiate. We got to the top in cold drizzle and the wind started blowing, the temp dropped, and the rain started in earnest. It was terrible, and all on an exposed loose rock trail. Whitecap Mountain. Should have been spectacular views! We didn't even stop at the cairn at the top! Then we had three more peaks with very steep drops and climbs in between. It is cold now. I am wearing everything I brought. Lots of stuff wet. Yuck!

Murray just got a weather station on the tiny 2 meter HAM handi talkie he brought. There was a cold front that moved through around 4 with some dangerous weather associated up around Baxter. It's gone through now. The radio said no more rain until Tuesday which is the day we get to Monson. But it's COLD!

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